Lisa & Ken won’t pay $1 million yearly rent for Pump’s West Hollywood location, but plan to relocate employees to SUR & TomTom. Pumptinis will still be available at TomTom after Pump closes.

Lisa and Ken won’t pay $1 million yearly rent for Pump’s location in West Hollywood but will help their employees by moving some of them to their nearby restaurants. Pumptinis will still be available at TomTom after Pump closes in July. The plan is not confirmed yet.

Lisa and Ken will relocate Pump’s employees to TomTom and SUR while Pumptinis will still be available at TomTom after the restaurant closes.

Lisa Vanderpump, the restaurateur, and star of “Vanderpump Rules,” has decided to close down Pump, her iconic eatery in West Hollywood. The reason behind this decision is the $1 million annual rent, which Lisa and Ken Todd, her husband, refuse to pay. However, the couple is planning to relocate their employees to their other restaurants, TomTom and SUR, to support them in this tough time. While they are still figuring out the specifics of the plan, it is clear that Lisa and Ken’s top priority is their team.

Interestingly, despite Pump’s closure, fans of Pumptinis can breathe a sigh of relief because this Vanderpump signature drink will stay alive and be available at TomTom. Insider sources have confirmed that the mouth-watering martini will not be disappearing altogether; instead, it will be found at another nearby hotspot.

While there is no doubt that many will be disappointed to learn of Pump’s closure, Lisa’s decision to prioritize her employees in this challenging period is indicative of her admirable leadership qualities. In the wake of losing their jobs, the option of relocating to other restaurants within Lisa’s chain will be a relief to the West Hollywood community. Additionally, fans of the Pumptini will be pleased to hear its delicious taste will remain close by at TomTom.

This sudden closure is sure to draw attention from the public eye, and Lisa Vanderpump’s fans will undoubtedly be interested in how this situation develops and how her other popular restaurants will cope with the influx of relocated team members. It is yet to be seen what the future holds for Pump’s iconic location in West Hollywood. Still, for now, Lisa Vanderpump’s commitment to supporting her team and delivering customer favorites at her other restaurants will keep her fans satisfied.

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