Lisa’s businesses are thriving despite allegations of tanking.

A spy has claimed that reality TV star Lisa Rinna fired her entire team without informing them personally. The source also criticized Rinna’s fashion and beverage businesses, alleging they are now struggling without her Bravo platform. However, Rinna’s representatives have disputed these claims and stated that her beauty and wine brands are actually doing well.

Reality star Lisa Rinna is denying claims made by a spy that her fashion and beverage companies are failing and that she didn’t personally inform her team when they were fired.

Lisa Vanderpump, reality TV star and businesswoman, has been hit with accusations of unprofessionalism and the failure of her fashion and beverage companies. The allegations came after a spy claimed that Lisa and her team had fired everyone via a group message, without giving them individual notice or acknowledgment. The source also accused Lisa of ignoring goodbye messages from her former staff.

Furthermore, the same source suggested that Lisa’s fashion and beverage companies were failing, now that she no longer enjoys the support of Bravo. However, representatives for Lisa have dismissed these allegations, stating that her beauty and wine lines are doing well, and that Lisa isn’t currently involved in the fashion space.

Lisa, known for her roles in the reality shows Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules, has several businesses, including a restaurant empire, a wine label, and a beauty line. These accusations are troubling for her reputation and her business ventures, and it remains to be seen how much damage they might cause.

At the time of writing, Lisa has not publicly responded to the accusations, but it is likely that a statement or clarification will be forthcoming. Given her profile and the nature of reality TV, any controversy surrounding Lisa is likely to generate significant interest and discussion among fans and the media alike.

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