Marlo Hampton criticizes Kenya Moore’s hairstyle on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

Marlo Hampton, a cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” criticizes her co-star Kenya Moore for wearing a “horrible” blond wig during confessionals on the show. Hampton suggests that Moore’s wig looks like it was bought from Party City and advises her to never wear it again. She also jokes that Moore has finally “come out” as a wig wearer.

Marlo Hampton expresses her disapproval of Kenya Moore’s blond wig, referring to it as an “epic fail” and urging her to never wear it again while suggesting she consult with Hampton for future hairstyle choices.

Title: Marlo Hampton Throws Shade at Kenya Moore’s Wig Choices on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”


Marlo Hampton, one of the stars of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” recently expressed her opinion on co-star Kenya Moore’s wig choices during Season 15 of the show. While Hampton admitted to being “proud” of Moore’s experimentation with different wigs, she specifically criticized a “horrible” blond hairpiece worn by Moore in several confessionals. In an exclusive interview with Page Six Style, Hampton didn’t hold back her thoughts and even compared the wig to those found at Party City.

Disapproving the Horrible Wig:

According to Hampton, the blond wig was nothing short of an “epic fail.” She urged Moore to never wear it again, adding, “No, don’t do it again. Thumbs down.” As the founder of Le’Archive, Hampton playfully suggested that Moore consult with her the next time she plans to test out a new hairstyle. It is evident that Hampton believed the wig did not suit Moore at all and was a clear fashion misstep.

Hair Drama Between Hampton and Moore:

It’s not the first time that hair-related drama has unfolded between Hampton and Moore on “RHOA.” In Season 12, Moore crashed the launch party of Hampton’s HER wig line with a full marching band, promoting her own brand, “Kenya Moore Hair Care!” Moore had previously praised her hair products and credited them for the health and sheen of her natural tresses. However, Hampton reveals that she was surprised Moore shared the fact that she wears wigs with viewers, as she had been wearing them herself.

A Playful Revelation During Pride Month:

In a lighthearted twist, Hampton humorously referred to Moore as “coming out” as a wig wearer during Pride Month. Indicating that Moore had finally admitted to using wigs rather than her own hair, Hampton playfully exclaimed, “Bitch came out the closet, OK? Finally! Only took 10 years, but she came out the closet.” Despite the banter, it seems that Hampton still appreciates Moore’s authenticity in sharing her haircare choices with fans.


Marlo Hampton’s candid opinion on Kenya Moore’s wig choices has caused a stir among fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” While Hampton expressed pride in Moore’s experimentation with wigs, there was no holding back when she criticized the “horrible” blond wig seen in Season 15. With their history of hair drama, it seems the two reality stars have a complex relationship when it comes to their tresses. As the season continues, fans await further developments and potential wig-related surprises on the show.

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