Molly Shannon supports daughter following her passion for drama despite nepotism debate

Actress Molly Shannon has defended her daughter Stella’s decision to follow her acting dreams, stating that it’s important for her to follow her passions. Shannon’s 19-year-old daughter has recently started studying drama at New York University. The debate over nepotism was raised again last year after the publication of New York Magazine article, “The Year of The Nepo Baby”.

Actress Molly Shannon says she supports her daughter pursuing her passion for drama and doesn’t pay attention to the criticism of “nepo babies” in the entertainment industry.

Molly Shannon, famously known for her comedic acting, speaks out about her daughter’s enrollment at New York University to study drama. Despite the public’s recent apprehension towards successful Hollywood celebrities with nepotistic backgrounds, Shannon states that her 19-year-old daughter, Stella, is simply following her heart. Shannon expresses her support and encouragement for her daughter to pursue her passions, regardless of whether or not they include the entertainment industry or comedic performances.

When asked about the controversy surrounding nepotism in Hollywood, Shannon dismisses the idea and emphasizes the importance of following one’s passions. She explains that public scrutiny is unavoidable, particularly for those in the public eye, and that ultimately, pursuing one’s interests is the most critical aspect. Although Shannon was a former cast member on the long-running show “Saturday Night Live,” she clarifies that her daughter is currently more interested in drama and does not plan to make her acting debut on the show.

As a graduate of NYU herself, Shannon expresses her pride in her daughter following her footsteps by attending the same drama department. Shannon believes that Stella is enjoying her experience and having the time of her life, ultimately stating that she supports her children in the pursuit of their dreams.

In conclusion, Shannon supports her daughter and encourages her to follow her passions without regards to societal expectations or nepotistic biases. Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding nepotism in Hollywood, Shannon emphasizes the importance of individual pursuit and encourages others to do the same.

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