Nicki Minaj’s Neighbors Seek to Remove Her & Husband from Upscale Community

Neighbors in Hidden Hills, California are reportedly trying to get Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, to leave the community due to concerns about Petty being a registered sex offender. A petition has been circulating expressing these concerns and claiming that their presence lowers the value and raises safety concerns in the neighborhood. However, it is unclear how many of their actual neighbors have signed the petition, and the Hidden Hills Community Association has no knowledge of the complaint.

Neighbors in Hidden Hills, California, are signing a petition to remove Nicki Minaj and her husband, who is a registered sex offender, from the ritzy community due to safety concerns and potential property devaluation.

Title: Nicki Minaj’s Neighbors Petition to Oust Rapper and Husband from Hidden Hills Community

In a recent development, reports suggest that Nicki Minaj’s neighbors in the prominent Hidden Hills neighborhood are rallying together to remove the rap superstar and her husband, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, from their upscale community. The concerns primarily stem from Petty’s status as a registered sex offender, which has caused unease among the residents, including prominent figures such as the Kardashian-Jenner family.

The issue gained significant attention after Minaj reportedly purchased a lavish $19.5 million estate in Hidden Hills in December 2022. Following this, hundreds of residents expressed their apprehensions by signing a petition, citing concerns about safety and the potential impact on property values. The petition gained further traction when it was revealed that Petty had filed legal documents to update his address on the Megan’s Law website, as mandated by federal law to provide transparency about registered sex offenders.

While the petition has garnered widespread support, it remains unclear how many of Minaj’s actual neighbors have signed it. The Hidden Hills Community Association reported having no knowledge of the complaint or of an individual named Beverly Bardan living in the neighborhood. Both Minaj’s representatives and the community association declined to comment on the situation, choosing instead to refer to TMZ’s report regarding the matter.

Kenneth “Zoo” Petty’s legal troubles have been an ongoing issue. After failing to register as a sex offender in California, Petty is currently serving house arrest, accompanied by three years of probation for a federal charge. Prior to his relationship with Minaj, he had a conviction for the attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl in 1995.

Throughout Petty’s legal battle and controversies, Minaj has consistently stood by her husband’s side, fiercely defending him against accusations. She addressed the claims of sexual abuse on Instagram in December 2018, expressing that the incident occurred within a relationship when both parties were teenagers. Despite the criticism, Minaj remains resolute in her stance, asserting that outsiders cannot dictate her life.

As the situation unfolds, the fate of Minaj and Petty’s residency in Hidden Hills will likely be determined through discussions with the community association and in response to the concerns expressed by neighbors.

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