Nicolas Cage Goes Full Method on Set of Renfield According to Co-Star Adrian Martinez

Nicolas Cage fully immersed himself in his role as Dracula in the comedy/horror film “Renfield,” according to co-star Adrian Martinez. Martinez stated that Cage was “very much in the zone” and serious on set. However, Cage denied this claim and said he had a lot of laughs between takes. Other stars at the film’s premiere included Nicholas Hoult and Ben Schwartz.

Nicolas Cage acted very seriously and in character as Dracula on the set of “Renfield,” according to his co-star Adrian Martinez.

Actor Nicolas Cage has gone full method for his latest role in the comedy horror film “Renfield,” according to his co-star Adrian Martinez. Martinez shared with Page Six that Cage was entirely focused, and he could not tell who was Dracula and who was Cage. He added, “He was very serious.” The director of the film, Chris McKay, also shared a similar experience, stating that Cage stayed in character even between takes.

Cage denies the claims made by McKay and recalls having a great time on set with laughs shared with both McKay and Nicholas Hoult. However, Martinez confirms that he saw Cage take his role as Dracula seriously. Martinez has previously worked with Cage and Bruce Willis and speaks highly of both actors.

In “Renfield,” Cage plays the character of Dracula, and Hoult portrays his narcissistic aide who explores if there is a life outside of serving the Prince of Darkness. McKay shared that the film looks at “Dracula” through the lens of codependency, the boss from hell, and toxic relationships in a fun way.

The premiere of “Renfield” was a star-studded event attended by Cage with his wife, Riko Shibata, Hoult, Schwartz, and others. This film marks the second time Martinez has worked with Cage, having co-starred in “Army of One” in 2016. Overall, it seems like Cage’s full-method approach to acting has succeeded in creating an excellent performance for his latest role.

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