Noella Bergener’s Court Battle: Huge Support Victory Against Ex-Husband

Noella Bergener, former star of Real Housewives of Orange County, has won her court battle with her ex-husband James. A judge has awarded her a monthly support payment of $25,000 for their son, James Jr. Noella claimed that James had been neglecting their son and failing to provide support, citing his extravagant spending while she struggled financially.

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Noella Bergener has won her court battle with her ex-husband James, as a judge has awarded her a monthly child support payment of $25,000 for their son James Jr., who was born in 2019.

Title: Ex-Real Housewives Star Noella Bergener Wins Custody Battle with Ex-Husband James

Noella Bergener, a former cast member of The Real Housewives of Orange County, has emerged victorious in her recent court battle against her ex-husband James. According to court documents obtained by undisclosed sources, an Orange County Superior Court judge has ruled that James must pay an astounding 5-figure sum per month in child support. The judge’s decision awards Noella a monthly support amount of $25,000 for their son, James Jr., who was born in 2019.

The legal proceedings were initiated by the County of Orange on behalf of Noella, with the initial petition highlighting James’ monthly income as $900,000. The government requested that James be ordered to pay $52,907 per month in child support and continue providing health insurance coverage for his son. James contended that the financial information provided by Noella was inaccurate, opposing the proposed guideline child support amount.

Several months later, Noella filed an income and expense declaration, revealing that she was unemployed but had earned $46,000 per year during her employment with Bravo. She stated that she had no income or assets and her monthly expenses amounted to $4,070. Noella claimed that James rarely visited their child, despite residing in close proximity. She also mentioned that their son is autistic and in need of occupational and speech therapy.

Noella further disclosed that she had struggled financially and had even maxed out a loan from her 70-year-old mother after almost a year without any form of support. She expressed her disappointment in James’ neglect of their child and highlighted the stark difference between their lifestyles, with James enjoying expensive meals and extravagant vacations while she struggled to make ends meet. However, Noella emphasized her commitment to maintaining a peaceful environment for the sake of their son, despite his father’s lack of support.

In the recent hearing, the judge ruled in favor of Noella, ordering James to pay $25,000 per month in child support. Additionally, he was instructed to pay $5,000 per month to cover any pending support arrears. Noella agreed to use a portion of the child support to secure medical insurance for their son since James resides out of state.

This case marks a significant victory for Noella Bergener, who filed for legal separation in August 2021, followed by an amended petition seeking a full divorce months later. Amidst ongoing financial challenges and unresolved tax issues for James, Noella has diligently fought for the well-being of her son and fair financial support.

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