NYC Pride Afterparty with Christina Aguilera & Adam Lambert

Christina Aguilera hosted a private afterparty at the Flatiron hotspot DOM after headlining a Pride Island closing show in NYC. She arrived with bodyguards, enjoyed wine and food, and gave a speech thanking everyone involved in the Pride performances. Adam Lambert, who performed with Aguilera, also attended the party and spent time chatting with her.

Christina Aguilera hosted a private afterparty at DOM in New York’s Flatiron District after headlining a Pride Island closing show, where she gave a speech expressing her love for celebrating Pride month and was joined by Adam Lambert, who performed “Lady Marmalade” with her at the concert.

Title: Christina Aguilera Hosts Fabulous Pride Afterparty at Popular Flatiron Hotspot

New York City was buzzing with excitement as the iconic singer Christina Aguilera brought down the curtain on NYC Pride with a sensational closing show alongside Adam Lambert at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. But the party didn’t stop there. Aguilera, along with her team and Lambert, took the celebration to the next level at the exclusive afterparty hosted by Aguilera herself.

The star-studded afterparty took place at the trendy Flatiron hotspot DOM, and according to insiders, it was an intimate affair organized by hospitality outfit IE Group. As Aguilera arrived and made her grand entrance around 11 p.m., she was accompanied by her loyal bodyguards to ensure her privacy and safety.

Inside DOM, an exquisite culinary experience awaited the guests. The party was catered by the renowned Novita restaurant, offering a delectable menu of salmon, pasta, and other mouthwatering treats. The Trummer family, known for their expertise in mixology, delighted attendees with an impressive display of vodka cocktails and a towering champagne spectacle.

Aguilera, known for being sociable and down-to-earth, mingled with everyone throughout the night. She even brought her own DJ, who set the perfect mood for the evening. At one point, the pop diva took the stage and expressed her gratitude, thanking everyone involved in this year’s Pride performances and emphasizing her unwavering support for Pride month each year.

Adam Lambert, who had shared the stage with Aguilera during the Pride Island concert, also joined the festivities. The two artists were spotted engrossed in conversation on a comfortable couch, enjoying each other’s company and embracing the joyous atmosphere.

While Aguilera may not have the same historical significance as LGBTQ+ trailblazers Marsha P. Johnson or Sylvia Rivera, she has undeniably cemented her status as a beloved gay icon. A member of her crew passionately declared, “We would not have Pride without Christina Aguilera,” eliciting a resounding chorus of cheers and a few enthusiastic exclamations.

The celebration continued into the early hours of the morning, with the champagne tower flowing abundantly. This fabulous afterparty truly exemplified Aguilera’s commitment to embracing and supporting the LGBTQ+ community, leaving a lasting impression on all those lucky enough to attend.

Disclaimer: This blog relays the exciting details of Christina Aguilera’s Pride afterparty held at DOM in the Flatiron District. The information provided is based on accounts from insiders and sources familiar with the event.

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