Olivia’s personal issues & drama with Taylor creates tension among Southern Charm cast

According to a source, Olivia has been dealing with the death of her brother and has bigger issues to deal with than the drama involving Taylor. None of the female cast members want to get involved because they believe Taylor is “crazy” and will do anything to get ahead. Requests for comment have been made to Bravo by RadarOnline.com.

The female cast members of a reality TV show want to stay away from Taylor Armstrong due to her reputation for being unpredictable and manipulative, while Olivia has been dealing with her brother’s recent death.

In the world of reality television, drama seems to be the norm. However, when it comes to the latest feud brewing between cast members of an unnamed show, everyone seems to be keeping their distance. According to a source close to the situation, none of the female cast members are interested in getting involved in the chaos.

This reluctance stems from a fear of one particular cast member, Taylor. The same source claims that the other women believe Taylor is unstable and will do anything to secure her place in the cast. Thus far, no one has come forward to publicly support either side of the argument.

While this conflict has been making waves in the press, one cast member has remained noticeably absent from the drama. Olivia has been dealing with bigger issues, namely the sudden loss of her brother a month ago. It’s understandable that she would choose to stay out of such petty disagreements in light of her family’s tragic loss.

It’s unclear at this time how Bravo, the network that airs the show, will handle the situation. However, it’s clear that tensions are high and no one wants to be caught in the crossfire. As fans wait to see how this situation will resolve, it remains to be seen if any of the cast members will break their silence and speak out about what’s truly going on behind the scenes.

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