Online Dating Trends and How Technology is Changing Dating Norms in 2022

Photo by Tibor Pápai on Unsplash

Although digital dating has been around for some time now, it is changing all the time. What began as a few selective outlets at the turn of the Millenium has exploded beyond all recognition. Some people are open about signing up to Internet matching sites; others remain more private about this activity. But statistics paint the full picture – many sites and apps dedicated to dating boast worldwide memberships running into tens of millions. Let’s take a closer look into the current trends affecting this activity, and how they are changing norms for singles.

Catering for diverse tastes

If there was ever such a thing as a ‘norm’ in dating, it might have been summarised by the options available to singles. There were mainstream bars or clubs for ‘straight’ people and a smaller choice of LGBTQ-friendly outlets. Nowadays, there are online services for a variety of topics. Niche areas are particularly well catered for, so whether singles are seeking polyamorous connections, interracial romance, there will be a website perfect for your needs. If you’re in a partnership and found yourself in a situation when you are couple looking for a male near us, you can take your pick of willing candidates by popping into the appropriate chat rooms.

Instant communication

Of all the features available to online daters in 2022, one continuing to inspire confidence is the array of communication tools. Those already familiar with generic Internet contact will easily get acquainted with the facilities to text or email. Once you develop confidence, you might be tempted to phone another site user. There could also be the opportunity to WhatsApp other singles – a particularly useful feature should you be interacting with someone from a different country. Many sites also provide platforms for video chatting, which is an excellent way of developing a real rapport with someone before arranging your first get-together. Even better than any of these options are the ‘shortcuts’ available. If you’re hesitant about getting in touch with another member for the first time, you can simply add a ‘like’ to their profile page, or send them a ‘wink.’
Finding out about backgrounds

The recent COVID pandemic has highlighted how necessary it can be to find out more about a stranger lifestyle before meeting socially. In the past, casual dating sites would offer single the opportunity to mingle freely, where the only question needing to be answered would be another site user’s history. Further questions have been added in 2022. What has their exposure been to the virus been? Are they fully vaccinated? Do they have a front-lie occupation? So the dating trend for the foreseeable future is for people to exercise more caution as they are getting familiar with prospective partners.

Breaking down barriers

Dating sites represent the most inclusive social hubs any single could come across in 2022. People have often felt restricted about the type of people they could interact with in the real world. This is especially so if they come from a cultural background that is conservative or insular when it comes to mixing with other religious or ethnic groups. There are no such barriers in the online environment. There are no political boundaries on matching websites, with individuals free to mingle with whomever they wish. If it was ever considered a ‘dating norm’ to gravitate towards individuals from the same social or cultural background, that has all changed today. Modern dating trends are typified by people being drawn to compatible individuals from diverse locations.

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