Online Store Offers Specially Designed Items Including Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Water Bottles, Writing Journals, Cell Phone Cases, Hats, Hoodies, & Stickers Divided Into Three Collections – For Beth, Cecily, & Bonnie.

An online store has over 100 specially designed items for sale, including shirts, cell phone cases, hats, and stickers. The products fall into three sections: The For Beth Collection, The Cecily Collection, and The Bonnie Collection. The store was created to offer fans something to remind them of the family’s late mother and to showcase their personalities.

An online store offers over 100 specially designed items divided into three collections to honor the late mother of the store’s owners.

The online store is offering over 100 unique items tailored for the audience to keep their loved ones close to their hearts. The items range from shirts, coffee mugs, water bottles, writing journals, cell phone cases, hats, hoodies, and stickers, among other things. To make it easier for the visitors, products are segregated into three categories, namely The For Beth Collection; The Cecily Collection, and The Bonnie Collection.

According to Bonnie, one of the founders, they formulated this idea to keep her mother’s legacy alive. The founder’s mother had touched so many hearts, and they wanted to give people something tangible that they could cherish daily while being reminded of their loss. She adds that this initiative is also a way of expressing who they are.

“We feel so many people love our mother and want something to keep her in their lives, and we just wanted to give people something that they can see every day and be reminded of her, what we lost and show people who we are as well,” Bonnie stated.

The website is dedicated to celebrating and remembering their mother by giving people access to purchase items that they’ve created through their brand. The founders poured their hearts into designing each item with great attention to detail. It is a heartfelt gesture to pay homage to their mother, who was much loved and admired by so many.

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