Private Duty Nurse Demands Payment for Medical Services Provided

A private duty nurse named Vanderstay provided medical services to a person named Dorit, including care after plastic surgery, monitoring pain, administering medications, and addressing medical concerns as per physician’s orders. After completing her services, Vanderstay sent an invoice to Dorit, who has refused to pay. Vanderstay took the issue to court, and despite a judge ordering Dorit to pay, Vanderstay has been unable to collect payment and now wants a detailed listing of Dorit’s assets.

A private duty nurse provided medical services for Dorit, including monitoring and assessing her pain, administering medications, addressing medical needs, but Dorit has refused to pay her and now the nurse is demanding a detailed listing of Dorit’s assets.

Title: Private Duty Nurse Claims Reality Star Dorit Kemsley Refuses to Pay for Medical Services

In a recent court filing, a private duty nurse named Vanderstay alleged that reality star Dorit Kemsley has failed to compensate her for medical services rendered. Vanderstay stated, “I am a private duty nurse and I provided medical services for [Dorit]. [Dorit] had plastic surgery and hired my services for day and overnight care; to monitor and assess her pain, administration of medications and treatments (as directed per her physician’s orders). As well, as address all her medical needs and concerns.” Despite completing the required services, Vanderstay claimed that Kemsley has refused to pay her.

Furthermore, a judge had already ruled in favor of Vanderstay in April, ordering Kemsley to make the necessary payment. However, Kemsley chose not to attend the hearing and Vanderstay has been unable to collect the owed amount. As a result, Vanderstay is now seeking a detailed listing of Kemsley’s assets in order to enforce the court’s decision.

The dispute between Vanderstay and Kemsley has drawn attention due to Kemsley’s celebrity status. Known for her appearances on reality television, Kemsley’s refusal to pay for the medical services she received has raised questions about her financial responsibility. Vanderstay’s claim emphasizes the importance of honoring contractual obligations and the need for fair compensation for medical professionals who provide crucial care to patients.

As this legal battle continues, it remains unclear why Kemsley has chosen not to meet her financial obligations. Supporters of Vanderstay argue that prompt payment is essential in ensuring the continued provision of quality medical services, particularly in plastic surgery cases that require extensive post-operative care. It remains to be seen how this dispute will be resolved and whether Kemsley will fulfill her financial responsibility towards Vanderstay.

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