Producers approach Kristen to return to Vanderpump Rules & talk breakup with Sandoval.

Kristen has been approached by Vanderpump Rules producers to return to the show and talk about her relationship with Sandoval. However, she will only consider it if Ariana is comfortable with it and supports her. The two are currently discussing the possibility, and the girls have been spending time together.

Kristen may return to Vanderpump Rules to discuss her relationship with Sandoval, but only if Ariana is comfortable with it.

According to a recent report by People, Kristen Doute has been approached by Vanderpump Rules producers to make a comeback on the show. The source revealed that the producers want Kristen to talk about her past with Tom Sandoval, but Kristen seems to have moved on and is now wholeheartedly supporting Sandoval’s girlfriend, Ariana Madix.

Kristen’s past with Sandoval has been tumultuous, to say the least, but the insider shared that Kristen is open to the idea of returning to the show if Ariana approves. “Kristen has put the show behind her, but she’s considering it,” the insider explained. “It’ll depend if Ariana wants her to do it and is comfortable as that’s the only way she would ever go back on the show. It’s a conversation she and Ariana are having right now. The girls have all been spending time with Ariana.”

It is not yet clear whether Kristen will actually make a comeback on Vanderpump Rules or not, but the possibility of her return has already sparked a lot of debate online. Some fans are excited to see Kristen back, while others feel that her time on the show has come and gone.

Whatever the outcome, it looks like Kristen is in a good place at the moment, and her willingness to support Ariana is a great sign of growth and maturity. If she does decide to return to Vanderpump Rules, it will be interesting to see how her relationship with Sandoval and the rest of the cast plays out. Only time will tell!

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