Pump Restaurant in West Hollywood to Close Due to Rent Increase

Reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump is permanently closing the flagship location of her iconic restaurant Pump in West Hollywood due to an increase in rent from the landlord. Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd, decided that paying almost $1 million in yearly rent was not worth it and will be closing the doors on July 5th. However, the restaurant will remain open for all of June during Pride Month as a conscious decision by the couple.

Lisa Vanderpump’s iconic restaurant Pump in West Hollywood will be closing permanently next month due to the landlord’s increase in rent, but will remain open during Pride Month.

Fans of Lisa Vanderpump’s iconic restaurant, Pump, in West Hollywood will be saddened to hear that the restaurant will be closing its doors permanently at its flagship location next month. The reason behind the closure? The landlord had increased the rent, making it almost $1 million per year, which Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd, decided was not worth paying. This news was first reported by RadarOnline.com.

According to the report, Vanderpump had been considering resigning the 10-year lease since March, which was around the time the landlord had been actively searching for a new tenant. Despite denying rumors that Pump had had its liquor license suspended, Vanderpump and Todd had weighed the pros and cons of keeping the restaurant open. In the end, the high rent proved untenable, and they made the difficult decision to close the restaurant’s doors.

In a statement to TMZ, the Pump Family confirmed that the closure was due to the increased rent. They announced that the restaurant will remain open through June in honor of Pride Month, which was a conscious decision on Vanderpump and Todd’s part. The statement continued to explain that although they had loved operating Pump for the past ten years, committing to another ten-year lease with such a high rent was not something they were ready to do.

Despite the sad news, Vanderpump remains positive and excited to “support the local community” and teased about “one last hurrah” during Pride Month at Pump. Fans will undoubtedly miss the iconic restaurant, but they can take comfort in the many memories and beautiful evenings spent under the olive trees at Pump.

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