Quavo’s involvement in alleged yacht robbery incident under investigation

Quavo, a member of the rap group Migos, was aboard a yacht in Miami that is being investigated for an alleged strong-arm robbery. Two men on the vessel allegedly became aggressive towards the captain and demanded a refund, even making threats. The police report states that Quavo was on the yacht at the time, but it is unclear what his involvement was and he was not arrested or listed as a witness.

Quavo was aboard a yacht in Miami that is being investigated for an alleged strong-arm robbery, but he was not mentioned in the police report and was released without incident.

Title: Quavo’s Involvement in Miami Yacht Incident Under Investigation

In the latest turn of events, rapper Quavo found himself involved in an alleged strong-arm robbery aboard a yacht in Miami. According to a police report obtained by Page Six, the incident took place on Sunday night, when two individuals aboard the vessel, identified as Cornell A. Whitfield and Anteneh A. Workeneh, became aggressive towards the captain and crew. The altercation reportedly erupted when informed that their boat rental time was running out.

The captain claimed that the two men demanded a refund and started making verbal threats. Matters escalated further when one of the individuals threatened to harm the captain, going as far as removing his wallet and phone from his pocket. The owner of the boat swiftly notified law enforcement, who detained multiple individuals.

Although Quavo’s name was not initially mentioned in the police report, it was confirmed that the rapper was present on the yacht during the incident. However, at this point, it remains unclear what exact role he played in the altercation. A source revealed to Page Six that Quavo was briefly seen with his hands bound together, as if he had been restrained, but Miami Beach police later released him.

Following the conflicting statements made by the parties involved, no arrests were made at the time, and all subjects were released without incident. Quavo’s representative emphasized that he is neither mentioned in the police report narrative nor listed as a witness to any dispute. Further inquiries have been made to gather more information regarding his involvement.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story. As details continue to unfold, we’ll keep you informed about Quavo’s possible connection to the alleged yacht incident.

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