Rachel Leviss Embarks on Cross-Country Trip After Leaving Vanderpump Rules

Rachel Leviss, former star of Vanderpump Rules, is currently on a cross-country trip to visit friends while focusing on her wellness and mental health. Leviss has been posting videos and pictures on Instagram, sharing her experiences during the trip, which includes activities like hiking, biking, and yoga. She recently confirmed that she will not be returning to reality television, citing her refusal to endure emotional abuse any longer.

Rachel Leviss, former Vanderpump Rules star, is focusing on her wellness and personal growth while embarking on a cross-country trip to visit friends.

Title: Rachel Leviss Focuses on Wellness and Embarks on Cross-Country Adventure

Introducing the latest update on former Vanderpump Rules star Rachel Leviss, who has recently set off on an exciting cross-country journey to reconnect with friends and prioritize her well-being. Departing from her reality television days, Leviss is determined to focus on personal growth and embrace a healthier lifestyle. In a captivating Instagram video, she shares her awe-inspiring experience exploring a vibrant field of flowers, expressing her long-held desire for such a beautiful place.

According to a close source, Leviss opted for this trip across the country to visit friends along the way while engaging in activities that promote her overall health and mental well-being, such as hiking, biking, and yoga. The insider also reveals that she has dedicated herself to counseling and healing, demonstrating her firm commitment to addressing her mental health concerns. In fact, Leviss recently completed an extensive treatment program at The Meadows in Arizona, investing $200,000 into her journey towards improved mental well-being.

Earlier this year, Leviss made the decision not to return to Vanderpump Rules for the upcoming season, following the revelation of her affair entangled with Tom Sandoval. Leviss has since expressed remorse and embarked on a self-reflective journey. Acknowledging her patterns of codependency and addiction to seeking validation through unhealthy connections, she resolved to make healthier choices and prioritize her well-being over intimate relationships.

During a recent interview, Leviss firmly stated her decision to step away from reality television. When asked if she would consider returning, she confidently replied, “Oh, hell no.” Leviss emphasized the importance of self-respect and refusing to endure further emotional abuse. Her determination to prioritize her mental well-being and protect her self-esteem serves as a powerful testament to her growth and newfound strength.

In conclusion, Rachel Leviss’s cross-country adventure exemplifies her commitment to personal growth, mental health, and overall well-being. As she explores the beauty of nature and reconnects with friends, she takes proactive steps towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. Leviss’s decision to depart from the reality television world is a reflection of her resilience and determination to prioritize her own self-worth, serving as an inspiring example for others navigating their own healing journeys.

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