Raquel Leviss Blocks Tom Sandoval on Instagram & Celebrates Birthday Publicly

Raquel Leviss blocked her ex-fling Tom Sandoval on Instagram and publicly announced it after he wished her a happy birthday. Leviss, a former Vanderpump Rules star, is focused on personal growth and healing following a tumultuous season and affair with Sandoval. She has sought treatment for her mental health and is actively working on understanding her behavior and making healthier choices.

Raquel Leviss blocked her ex-fling Tom Sandoval on Instagram and publicly declared it after he wished her a happy birthday, as she is focused on her healing journey and personal growth following her mental health treatment.

In a bold move, Raquel Leviss demonstrated her commitment to her personal growth by blocking her ex-fling, Tom Sandoval, on Instagram and proudly announcing it to the world. The former Vanderpump Rules star, who has been on a dedicated healing journey, decided to take action just hours after Sandoval publicly wished her a happy birthday and referred to her as a “friend.” It was Leviss’ 29th birthday, and Sandoval took the opportunity to express that he missed her in the most public way possible.

Leviss, known for her openness on social media, shared a beautiful photo of a flower farm she had visited during her cross-country road trip while celebrating her special day. Sandoval chose this moment to leave a comment, writing, “Happy birthday Rachel, I really hope ur finding peace and happiness. Miss u friend.” However, Leviss wasted no time in responding, using her Instagram Stories to announce that she had blocked him. To emphasize her decision, she even included a GIF that said, “Ok bye!”

An insider close to Leviss revealed that she is currently focused on personal growth and prioritizing her overall health and wellness, particularly her mental health. After a season of Vanderpump Rules filled with turmoil, during which her seven-month affair with Sandoval was exposed, Leviss embarked on a healing journey that included intensive treatment for her mental health issues. In July, she spent a considerable amount, $200,000, on her stay at The Meadows in Arizona.

Interestingly, it was revealed that Leviss had already made plans for mental health treatment even before her forbidden relationship was discovered. Her rep clarified that she had decided to enter a voluntary facility for mental health counseling, with Bravo and the production team fully supporting her journey towards better mental health. Leviss has openly expressed remorse for the affair and has taken responsibility for her choices. She acknowledged patterns of codependency and an addiction to feeling loved and has been seeking guidance from a counselor to rectify these behaviors.

It appears that blocking Sandoval is a step in the right direction for Leviss, as she continues to prioritize her personal growth and well-being. The decision to cut ties with her former flame speaks volumes about her commitment to creating healthier and more fulfilling connections moving forward. With Leviss focusing on her healing journey, it remains to be seen what lies ahead for her, but one thing is clear – she is resolute in making positive changes for herself.

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