Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kenya Moore Battles Ex-Husb & in Court Over Filming Dispute

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is fighting against her ex-husband Marc Daly’s demand to hold her in contempt of court. Daly accused Moore of violating a court order by allowing their 4-year-old daughter to be present during a filming argument on the Bravo show. Moore denies the violation and claims that Daly is inconsistent in his communication and involvement with their child.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is fighting back against her ex-husband Marc Daly’s demand that she be found in contempt of court for allegedly violating a court order by allowing their 4-year-old daughter to be near an argument during the filming of the Bravo show.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is taking her ex-husband, Marc Daly, to court over his demand to hold her in contempt. has obtained court documents indicating that Moore denies violating a court order when she allowed their 4-year-old daughter, Brooklyn, to be present during an argument that was being filmed for the Bravo show. Daly, who has visitation rights, opposed Brooklyn’s appearance on the reality show, but the judge ruled in favor of Moore, stating that she must notify Daly when their child is participating in any filming.

Daly’s motion for contempt alleges that Moore failed to inform him about Brooklyn’s involvement in a Home Run Inn Pizza commercial and that their daughter was present during a scene where Moore’s co-star attempted to kick down her hotel room door. According to Daly, Moore has been unresponsive to his requests for communication and has refused to cooperate with in-person visits with their daughter. He is demanding that Moore be held in contempt.

In response, Moore addressed Daly’s claims, stating that her ex-husband was aware of her pizza commercial partnership and had already given his consent. She also clarified that Brooklyn was not seen on camera during the incident at the hotel and was in a separate room during the commotion. Moore dismissed Daly’s accusations of her lack of cooperation, claiming that he has been inconsistent and erratic with his FaceTime calls and has disrupted their child’s normal routine.

Moore’s legal team argued that Daly is merely a “FaceTime” father who has failed to follow through on promises to their daughter, including a planned trip to Disneyland. They stated that Moore has made multiple attempts to reach a settlement but claimed that Daly is intentionally hindering the divorce proceedings. Moore believes she should not be held in contempt and is requesting that Daly cover her legal fees. The former couple is expected to go to trial in their divorce in the coming weeks.

Overall, this latest development in the ongoing custody battle between Kenya Moore and her ex-husband, Marc Daly, highlights the challenges they face in co-parenting their 4-year-old daughter, Brooklyn. Both parties have presented their sides in court, with Moore denying any violations of the court order and Daly accusing her of non-compliance. As the legal proceedings continue, it remains to be seen how the judge will rule on the matter.

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