Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Drew Sidora & Ralph Pittman file for divorce amidst allegations of infidelity & abuse.

Drew filed for divorce from Ralph, citing repeated adultery and mental abuse. She also claimed that Ralph got physically aggressive with her and grabbed her phone. Ralph has requested joint custody of their children, while Drew’s lawyer says she “simply cannot take [Ralph’s] continued blatant disrespect and mental abuse any longer.”

Drew has filed for divorce due to Ralph’s repeated adultery, mental abuse, and physical aggression, and is seeking joint custody of their two children while Ralph has requested that Drew be kicked out of their shared home.

Drew and Ralph have been making headlines lately due to their recent divorce filings. According to reports, Drew filed for divorce last week, claiming that they have been separated since February 2023. The cause of their separation, according to Drew, was Ralph’s repeated uncondoned adultery. She stated in court documents that she could no longer tolerate Ralph’s blatant disrespect and mental abuse.

Drew’s lawyer further explained that Ralph had engaged in extra-marital sexual relations with other people, and that he is a serial cheater and adulterer. This cruel treatment, he added, had been going on for the last couple of years of their marriage, but had escalated particularly during the month of February 2023. In fact, Drew had been so distressed by Ralph’s aggression that she was allegedly close to obtaining a restraining order against him.

According to Drew’s lawyer, Ralph had forcefully taken Drew’s cell phone out of her hand on February 20, 2023, causing her to fall to the floor. When Drew pleaded for her phone back, Ralph screamed that he pays the bills and therefore, the phone belongs to him. Drew called 911, but the police reportedly did not show up. Meanwhile, Ralph requested joint custody of their two minor children, claiming that their marriage was irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation.

Ralph also asked the court to kick Drew out of their shared Georgia mansion. A judge has yet to rule on their case. It remains to be seen how this divorce saga will unfold, particularly given the children’s custody issue and the property dispute between Drew and Ralph.

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