Rebel Wilson denies claim about “600 calories a day” for survival

Rebel Wilson is denying reports that she said people only need 600 calories a day to survive, calling the claims “untrue” and “ridiculous.” She explained that during a program she learned that people don’t actually need as many calories as believed, especially when detoxing. Wilson admitted that she has gained some weight back after welcoming her daughter and stated that her weight loss journey started with a desire to increase her fertility chances.

Rebel Wilson denies claims that she said people only need 600 calories a day, calling the reporting untrue and harmful to women, clarifying that her statement was not intended for a daily routine and is only applicable during a detox or retreat.

Title: Rebel Wilson Clarifies Misreported Claims About Caloric Intake

Rebel Wilson, the renowned comedian and actress, has categorically denied recent claims suggesting that she advocates for a strict daily caloric intake of only 600 calories. Taking to her Instagram Stories, she denounced the “untrue and utterly ridiculous” reporting, which she believes is harmful to women. Wilson emphasized that her comments had been misinterpreted and taken out of context.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Wilson revealed that she had participated in a program that enlightened her about food and its nutritional requirements. During a week-long retreat at the Vivamayr medical spa in Austria, she learned that the human body may only need approximately 600 calories a day, as opposed to the widely believed 1,500 to 2,000 calories. However, Wilson emphasized that her remarks were not intended for daily consumption but rather as part of a detoxing process.

While the notion of limiting caloric intake to such a low amount might appear extreme, Wilson clarified that she believes in the importance of consuming the right kind of food and practicing portion control. She noted that people often feel the need to eat excessively due to stress or out of habit, but it is possible to maintain a healthy body with fewer calories if one eats wisely.

Despite Wilson’s high-profile weight loss journey, having shed over 70 pounds in recent years, she acknowledged that she had experienced some weight gain after giving birth to her daughter, Royce, via surrogate in November. She attributed this to changes in her lifestyle, a lack of sleep, and the inability to hit the gym as frequently as she used to.

Earlier in July 2021, Wilson candidly revealed that her initial motivation to lose weight stemmed from her desire to increase her chances of conceiving. Explaining that her doctor had advised her to prioritize her health for better fertility prospects, she embarked on her weight loss journey with the aspiration of freezing eggs and providing a healthier future for herself and her potential offspring.

In conclusion, Rebel Wilson has sought to clarify misreported claims suggesting that she advocates for an extremely low caloric intake of 600 calories. She clarified that her remarks were taken out of context and were intended specifically for a short detoxing period. Wilson emphasized the importance of proper nutrition and portion control rather than drastic calorie restriction as a means to maintain a healthy body. Additionally, she acknowledged the challenges of sustaining her weight loss journey after becoming a mother. Ultimately, Wilson’s journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking to prioritize their health and make positive lifestyle changes.

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