Retired actress Bridget Fonda spotted at LAX airport with son.

Former actress Bridget Fonda was spotted by paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport with her 18-year-old son. Fonda, who left the entertainment industry more than 20 years ago to start a family, stated that she loved “civilian” life too much to return to Hollywood and that no director could convince her to make a comeback. Fonda comes from a family of legendary actors, including her aunt Jane Fonda and late father Peter Fonda.

Bridget Fonda, who quit show business over two decades ago to start a family, was spotted by paparazzi during a rare outing at Los Angeles International Airport with her 18-year-old son, Oliver Elfman, and stated she has no interest in returning to Hollywood as she loves “civilian” life too much.

Former Hollywood actress Bridget Fonda was recently spotted by paparazzi during a rare outing through Los Angeles International Airport. Fonda, who retired from the entertainment industry over two decades ago, sported a makeup-free face, dark-rimmed reading glasses, and a gray-and-white-striped cable-knit sweater with black sweatpants and sneakers. Accompanied by her 18-year-old son, Oliver Elfman, the two rolled their own suitcases and waited outside for their ride.

During the encounter, one enthusiastic paparazzo approached Fonda to inquire whether she would consider returning to Hollywood to which she declined, saying “It’s too nice being a civilian.” Fonda left her entertainment career in 2002 to start her family with now-husband Danny Elfman. She starred in movies such as “The Godfather Part III,” “Single White Female,” and “Jackie Brown.”

Bridget Fonda was born to a legendary acting family consisting of her aunt two-time Oscar winner Jane Fonda, her late father Peter Fonda, and her award-winning grandfather Henry Fonda. Bridget made her big-screen debut at four years old in her father’s movie, “Easy Rider.” Fonda has been mostly absent from the public eye, with only a few sightings since retiring from acting.

In a 1993 interview with Movieline, Fonda admitted wondering how it would feel “to know that you’ve made it completely under your own steam” and questioned whether she would be “more at peace” if her family name had not helped her get her foot in the industry’s proverbial door. Regardless of the speculation, Fonda is content with her civilian life and has no intentions of returning to Hollywood.

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