RHONY Star Jessel Taank Gets Sick at Season 14 Premiere Party

At the Season 14 premiere party, Taank fell ill and vomited multiple times, including on the carpet. Eyewitnesses shared that she had to leave the event early due to her sickness.

Taank became ill and vomited multiple times at the Season 14 premiere party, leaving early due to her sickness, according to eyewitnesses and sources.

Title: Party Fiasco! Taank’s Unfortunate Incident at Season 14 Premiere Revealed

Hey there, party lovers! Gather ’round for some juicy insider scoop from the Season 14 premiere party that left jaws dropping and the Rainbow Room in shambles. Brace yourselves as we spill the details about the infamous incident involving none other than the fashion trailblazer and publicist, Taank.

According to eyewitnesses present at the star-studded event held on Wednesday night, Taank fell ill and had to make a hasty exit from the party. It wasn’t just a case of feeling under the weather, though, as things took a rather messy turn. Reports suggest that Taank, unfortunately, suffered an unfortunate bout of sickness that found its way onto the lavish Rainbow Room carpet.

A hushed whisper rippled through the revelers as one source boldly claimed, “She did it right on the carpet.” This shocking revelation left many in disbelief, especially considering the upscale ambiance and the pristineness associated with the venue. However, it seems luck was not on Taank’s side that night, as the same source indicated that this wasn’t the only instance of untimely regurgitation that occurred.

The unnamed witness further divulged details about another unfortunate episode, hinting that Taank might have experienced a repeat incident. The scene painted a true mishap, making the celebration turn into an incident that won’t soon be forgotten. It remains unclear whether the publicist’s illness was triggered by a temporary ailment or something more sinister lurking in the background.

Alas, dear readers, sometimes even the glitz and glamour of star-studded events can be marred by unexpected turn of events. The Rainbow Room, renowned for hosting breathtaking experiences, can now add this unforgettable twist to its history. As we shake our heads in disbelief, we can’t help but hope that Taank is feeling much better since that fateful night.

Stay tuned for more exclusive insights into the world of fashion, entertainment, and celebrity shenanigans. Remember, in the unpredictable realm of showbiz, you never know what surprises await us next.

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