Rob Lowe thinks that his dad and Drew Barrymore’s mom slept together at some point.

Rob Lowe thinks that his dad and Drew Barrymore’s mom went out a long time ago.

The actress will be the next guest on Lowe’s Literally! With Rob Lowe podcast on Thursday, and in an exclusive clip given to PEOPLE, the actors talk about Helena’s, a popular place in Los Angeles in the 1980s where they used to hang out. Barrymore, who is 47 years old, remembers going to the club with her mother, Jaid, who is now 76 years old.

Lowe tells Barrymore that he “suspicions” that Charles’s father and Jaid “ended up together” at the club one night. She says, “I wouldn’t doubt it,” to which Lowe agrees.

“I kind of like the thought of it, I have to say,” he says next.

Barrymore says that, “My mom was fun, and she still is. She liked to go to parties.” Lowe continues, “My sense is, as mothers go, she was in her wheelhouse at Helena’s.”

“I think we used to go to Helena’s several times a week. You know how some people go to the gym twice a week? We went there every few days.”

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Barrymore is said to remember seeing Sean Penn, Madonna, and Jack Nicholson there “all the time,” She would later party outside the nightclub with Nicholson. Lowe said that Helena’s was “amazing” and pointed out that there were “disparate, insane, high level of people that were there.” there.

Barrymore adds, “Jack Nicholson was a fixture [at Helena’s],” “He went to Helena’s on the same nights that my mother and I did. Ironically, years later, I went to a party at his house with him. It never hurt anyone. We would just party, talk, and hang out. I adore Jack. But I feel like I became friends with him at Helena’s, which led to us, like, partying at his place a decade later.”

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