Ryan Seacrest bartends at private “American Idol” cast party.

Ryan Seacrest served drinks as a bartender at a private cast party for “American Idol” at Mister Paradise in New York. Katy Perry did not drink due to being on a cleanse, but Luke Bryan served mezcal shots to the other guests. Seacrest will continue hosting “American Idol,” but has announced he will be stepping down from his early morning gig at “Live with Kelly & Ryan.”

Ryan Seacrest served drinks from behind the bar during a private cast party for “American Idol” in New York while Katy Perry abstained from drinking due to a cleanse.

Ryan Seacrest was spotted serving drinks at a private cast party for the new season of “American Idol” at Mister Paradise in New York City. The “Live with Kelly & Ryan” host reportedly started bartending as soon as he arrived and mixed up the bar’s “Miami Vice” cocktail for his co-stars Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. Katy Perry, however, skipped the booze as she was on a cleanse.

According to an insider, the “Idol” crew was on a press tour promoting the show and the party was a chance for them to unwind and have fun in between their engagements. Bryan was seen carrying around a tray full of mezcal shots for the guests, while Richie was reportedly the butt of some of Bryan’s jokes.

Seacrest, who recently announced he’ll be stepping down from “Live!,” has been juggling multiple jobs including hosting a radio show. While friends have expressed concern about him burning the candles at both ends, Seacrest will continue his hosting duties for “Idol” as his radio contract expires in 2025.

The “Idol” cast members have been making stops across the country to promote the new season, premiering on ABC on February 14th. With Seacrest’s bartending skills now on display, perhaps a new career as a mixologist is in his future.

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