Sai De Silva claims Ramona Singer was unkind on RHONY

Sai De Silva, a new cast member on The Real Housewives of New York, called out former cast member Ramona Singer on Watch What Happens Live, accusing her of being “a total b—-.” De Silva claimed that Singer was unkind to her at Art Basel when she introduced herself as part of the reboot. Despite plans for a RHONY spin-off with original cast members, production plans were halted due to disputes over money, including Jill Zarin pushing for a higher payday.

Sai De Silva accused Ramona Singer of being unkind to her during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, claiming that Ramona was rude to her at Art Basel and treated her poorly when she introduced herself as a cast member of the RHONY reboot.

Title: Sai De Silva Opens Up About Real Housewives of New York Drama

The drama surrounding the Real Housewives of New York continues to captivate viewers as the newest cast member, Sai De Silva, revealed some juicy details during her recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live. De Silva didn’t shy away from speaking her mind and even called out one of the franchise’s former stars, Ramona Singer, describing her as “a total b—-.” With tensions running high, fans eagerly awaited De Silva’s revelation about her unpleasant encounter with Singer.

During the segment called Agree or Disagree, where cast members were encouraged to share their truths, De Silva raised her paddle with an emphatic “Agree” when asked if any of the former RHONY stars had been unkind to her. This instantly piqued host Andy Cohen’s interest, who probed further by asking De Silva to elaborate on her claim. Nervous but determined to reveal the truth, De Silva recounted an unfortunate incident that took place at Art Basel, where she introduced herself to Singer.

According to De Silva, Singer’s reaction was far from welcoming. As De Silva attempted to introduce herself, Singer allegedly treated her with disdain, leaving her feeling dismissed and disheartened. Eventually, De Silva mentioned her involvement in the reboot, hoping to establish a connection with Singer. However, the encounter didn’t go as planned, further solidifying De Silva’s belief that Singer had been disrespectful towards her.

Although De Silva’s revelation caused a stir, it’s important to note that it’s only her side of the story. As of now, Ramona Singer has not responded to these claims. The Real Housewives of New York franchise has always been known for its dramas, both on and off-screen, and this incident only adds to the rich tapestry of conflicts and confrontations.

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Disclaimer: This article is based on Sai De Silva’s account and does not reflect RadarOnline’s official stance. Stay tuned for any developments regarding this story, as additional information may emerge in the future.

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