Sam Smith’s Outfit for “Barbie” Premiere in London Stirred Up Controversy

Fans criticized Sam Smith for their outfit at the London premiere of the film “Barbie,” with many expressing disappointment at the casual and oversized blue sweatshirt and wide-legged jeans look that differed from their usual red carpet slays. Some fans called it the worst outfit they had ever seen and wished Smith had gone for a more glamorous look. In contrast, Margot Robbie, the film’s star, stunned in a pastel pink custom Vivienne Westwood gown inspired by the Barbie doll.

Fans criticized Sam Smith for their “baggy” outfit at the “Barbie” premiere in London, stating that it was a departure from their usual red carpet fashion choices.

Title: Fans Criticize Sam Smith’s Outfit Choice for “Barbie” Premiere in London

In an unexpected turn of events, fans mercilessly trolled Sam Smith for their unconventional outfit at the London premiere of “Barbie.” The non-binary singer, known for their fashion-forward choices, opted for an oversized blue sweatshirt and wide-legged jeans from the Vetements Spring-Summer 2024 collection, which sparked a wave of criticism. While Smith’s ensemble exuded comfort and personal style, it was a stark departure from their typically glamorous red carpet appearances.

Fans Question Smith’s Outfit:
Social media platforms erupted with comments from disappointed fans who were expecting a show-stopping look from the renowned artist. One critic tweeted, “The one time they most had the opportunity to show all the way out and they opted for this instead.” Another user added, “[They] picked the #Barbie premiere to wear normal clothes!??!?!” These comments were echoed by others, with one user dubbing Smith’s outfit choice as “possibly the worst outfit I’ve ever seen.”

Negative Reception:
The overall sentiment surrounding Smith’s attire can be summarized as disappointment and a desire for something more extravagant. Instagram users were quick to express their dissatisfaction as well. Comments ranging from “Stop it Sam! Enough with the atrociousness” to “Where’s the Barbie fantasy? This is not a Kanye West movie” further exemplify the negative reception. Criticism was particularly centered around the oversized nature of the outfit, with one fan even labeling it as a “waste of material.”

Margot Robbie Shines in Barbie-inspired Gown:
While Sam Smith faced criticism, “Barbie” star Margot Robbie stole the show with her breathtaking outfit. Paying homage to the iconic Barbie Enchanted Evening 1960 Fashion Doll, the Australian actress donned a custom pastel pink Vivienne Westwood gown. Complete with a rosette, flowing train, off-the-shoulder ruffled collar, and white opera-length gloves, Robbie’s ensemble captivated onlookers and solidified her status as a fashion icon.

Despite Sam Smith’s unconventional choice of outfit for the “Barbie” premiere, their non-binary identity and emphasis on personal style should be respected. Fashion is inherently subjective, and while fans may have expected more, it is essential to remember that individual expression should be celebrated. Meanwhile, Margot Robbie’s Barbie-inspired gown served as a stunning tribute and further solidified her position as a fashion trendsetter.

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