Sandoval reveals friendship with Schwartz improving, praises handling of breakup & negativity

Sandoval talked about his improved friendship with Schwartz, praising him for dealing with negativity and hanging in there. He also seemed uncomfortable when asked about his bitter breakup, admitting he would have done things differently and trying to learn from the experience. The incident caused a stir among upset fans and the woman who asked the question.

Sandoval praised his friend for handling negativity, admitted he would have done things differently in his bitter breakup, and expressed a desire to learn from the past and move towards the future, while also expressing discomfort with a loaded question and acknowledging the upset reaction of fans.

In a recent interview, Sandoval opened up about his evolving friendship with Schwartz, expressing that it has “gotten better” over time. He commended his friend for dealing with “negativity” and “hanging in there,” indicating a positive outlook for their relationship.

During the interview, Sandoval also addressed questions about his past relationship, revealing that he would have done things differently but has chosen to focus on the future instead of dwelling on the past. “Of course, I would have done things differently, but I can’t really look towards the past. I can only embrace what happened, try to learn from it, and go towards the future,” he shared.

Following the interview, many fans expressed disappointment, with one audience member even urging the performer to share more. The exchange sparked a wave of reactions from fans, adding a layer of intrigue to the conversation.

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