Sandoval’s Change of Opinion Towards Scheana Shay & His Supportive Nature

Sandoval has been spending time with his cast members on multiple trips during filming, despite previously being criticized by Scheana Shay for his relationship with Leviss. However, Shay seems to have had a change of heart, stating in a recent podcast interview that she never thought he was a bad person and he had been a loyal friend to her for almost 15 years.

Scheana Shay has had a change of heart about her former close friend Sandoval, expressing that she never thought he was a bad person and acknowledging his loyalty towards her during their 15-year friendship.

Title: Scheana Shay Reflects on Her Friendship with Tom Sandoval: “He Was the Person There in My Corner”

Over the past few weeks, Vanderpump Rules fans have noticed a newfound camaraderie among the cast members during filming. Among them, one particular change in dynamics has caught many by surprise — the rekindling of friendship between Scheana Shay and Tom Sandoval. Previously critical of Sandoval’s relationship with Leviss, Scheana now appears to have had a change of heart.

In a recent podcast interview with Kelly Osbourne, Scheana opened up about her evolving perspective on Sandoval, emphasizing their close bond of nearly 15 years. Despite distancing herself from him in the past, she now acknowledges that she never viewed him as a “bad guy.” In fact, she considers him to be one of her best friends.

“I never thought he was a bad guy,” Scheana expressed during the podcast interview. “He was the only person who had my back on this show, who fought for me whenever something was unfair, and he was the person there in my corner.”

This revelation highlights the depth of their connection and showcases the loyalty that Sandoval exhibited towards Scheana throughout their long-standing friendship. Despite the ups and downs they may have faced, their shared history seems to have created a foundation strong enough to withstand the test of time.

As Vanderpump Rules enthusiasts eagerly await the upcoming season, these recent interactions among the cast have undoubtedly piqued curiosity. It remains to be seen how the rekindled friendship between Scheana and Sandoval will impact the dynamics within the group. The natural evolution and shifting alliances within the Vanderpump Rules cast always keep fans guessing, adding an element of excitement to the forthcoming season.

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