Scheana Shay denies punching Raquel Leviss, calls case a fabrication

Shay denies hitting Leviss and claims the case is fabricated by a known liar and cheat. Shay’s lawyer also denied the allegations and stated that the supposed dark markings around Leviss’ eye have been there for months. Shay is set to present her case at the next court hearing.

Shay denies punching Leviss and claims that accusations against her are a fabricated lie told by a known liar and a cheat, adding that Raquel’s supposed injuries were there for months and that neither she nor other cast members want anything to do with Raquel.

Reality TV star Scheana Shay is denying allegations that she punched her co-star Raquel Leviss during a recent filming of Vanderpump Rules. Shay’s attorney dismissed the claims as a “fabrication” and called Leviss a “known liar and cheat.” Moreover, the lawyer clarified that Shay did not punch Leviss and said that “neither Scheana nor other cast members want anything to do with [Raquel] going forward.”

The allegations against Shay emerged after Radaronline reported that Leviss had filed a police report accusing Shay of assaulting her during filming. Leviss claimed that Shay punched her in the face, causing a black eye and swelling. However, Shay’s attorney has pointed out that the supposed dark markings around Leviss’ eye have been there for months, suggesting that the injury was not caused by Shay.

Shay has expressed confidence in her case and is ready to make her defense at the next court hearing. The reality TV star has also been vocal on social media, denying the assault allegations and responding to questions from concerned fans. Shay’s legal team has not yet revealed the specific grounds for their defense, but they appear prepared to fight the charges and clear Shay’s name.

The incident has caused quite a stir among Vanderpump Rules fans and cast members, with many expressing support for Shay and disbelief in Leviss’ claims. Some have accused Leviss of trying to stir up drama for the show, while others believe that there may be more to the story than what has been reported. Regardless, the allegations have cast a shadow over the popular reality TV franchise and raised questions about the safety and welfare of its cast members.

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