Scheana Shay spotted in public after conflict with ex-friend Raquel Leviss.

Reality TV star Scheana Shay was seen for the first time since her ex-friend Raquel Leviss filed a restraining order against her. The Vanderpump Rules star was working out intensely with her husband and appeared unbothered. Leviss had claimed that Shay punched her in the left eye, but Shay’s attorney denied the claims and called Leviss a “known liar and cheat”.

Scheana Shay was seen working out at a gym with her husband after being granted a temporary restraining order by ex-friend Raquel Leviss, who accused Shay of punching her in the eye, with Shay’s attorney denying the allegations and stating that Leviss is a “known liar and a cheat.”

Scheana Shay, 37, was spotted in public for the first time following allegations of physical assault by her ex-friend Raquel Leviss. The reality star was seen hitting it hard at the f45 studio gym with her husband Brock Davies, seemingly unfazed by the ongoing drama. Page Six obtained photos of the outing, the first since Shay called out Leviss for being a “known liar and a cheat.”

Leviss had been granted a temporary restraining order against Shay earlier this week after claiming that she had punched her in the left eye. Leviss alleged that Shay attacked her when she revealed she was having an affair with their mutual friend’s longtime boyfriend. In her filing, Leviss claimed that Shay “doesn’t regret the physical attack on me and would do it again if she found that further emotional distress was caused to our mutual friend.”

Leviss provided the court with photographic evidence of her injuries, including a black eye and bruises, prompting the judge to order Shay to stay 100 yards away. Although tensions have escalated between the two women, Shay’s attorney, Neama Rahmani, stated that the accusations are false, calling Leviss a “known liar.”

While Leviss has decided to “step back” from her affair with Tom Sandoval, her ex-boyfriend and Shay’s friend, and focus on her own well-being and growth. She expressed regret over the situation, acknowledging that the circumstances surrounding their relationship were indefensible. Leviss stated that she cared for Sandoval but needed to take some time alone to work on herself and her choices. The two women’s feud is likely to come to a head during the upcoming Vanderpump Rules reunion taping, where it is expected that more details will be revealed.

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