Scott Disick praises Khloé Kardashian for co-parenting with Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna’s daughter

Scott Disick praised Khloé Kardashian for her role in co-parenting Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s daughter, Dream, while throwing shade at Chyna. Khloé acknowledged feeling like a third parent to Dream and expressed her love for being a mom. The Kardashian family recently won a defamation lawsuit filed by Chyna in 2017.

Scott Disick praised Khloé Kardashian for her co-parenting role in raising Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s daughter, Dream, during an episode of “The Kardashians,” while Khloé admitted to feeling like a “third parent” to her niece.

Title: Khloé Kardashian Praised by Scott Disick for Her Co-Parenting Skills with Rob and Blac Chyna’s Daughter

In a recent episode of “The Kardashians,” Scott Disick didn’t hold back when expressing his admiration for Khloé Kardashian’s role in helping Rob Kardashian raise his daughter, Dream. As they celebrated Dream’s birthday at a lavish party organized by Khloé, Scott referred to her as more than just an aunt. He emphasized that she is essentially a co-parent to the 6-year-old.

Khloé modestly acknowledged herself as a “third wheel” to Rob and Blac Chyna’s parenting dynamic. However, Scott was quick to correct her, stating that she is the one who makes the car move, implying that her involvement is crucial in their daughter’s life. Khloé, who is a mother to her own children True and Tatum, admitted that being a parent figure comes naturally to her, describing herself as a “third parent” to Dream. She expressed her unconditional love for mothering people and how it feels like a part of her DNA.

Dream holds a special place in Khloé’s heart, as she affectionately referred to the little one as “one of her babies.” Dream was born in 2016 to parents Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, who later separated in 2017. Despite their highly publicized past conflicts, it seems that Khloé, Rob, and Chyna have managed to establish a harmonious co-parenting relationship focused on their daughter’s well-being.

It is worth mentioning that Chyna, in a recent interview, shared that she does not harbor any negative feelings towards Rob or his family members. She stated that their co-parenting arrangement has been going smoothly without any challenges, both with Rob and her other child’s father, Tyga. Chyna’s positive outlook is a testament to the growth and maturity of all parties involved, focusing on the best interests of their children.

Overall, the episode showcased the support and bond within the Kardashian-Jenner family, with Scott Disick highlighting Khloé Kardashian’s pivotal role as a co-parent to Dream. It’s heartening to see how they have embraced their shared responsibilities and prioritized nurturing relationships for the sake of the children involved. This display of unity demonstrates their commitment to creating a loving and stable environment for Dream, setting a positive example for blended families everywhere.

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