Server personally serves NeNe at $1.8M pad after husband’s passing

The server claims to have personally served NeNe at her new $1.8 million luxurious home, which she bought after her husband’s passing. NeNe had previously lived in a much larger mansion, which she sold for $3.45 million in 2021. The lawsuit brought against NeNe states that she signed a lease in 2017 and extended it for another year in 2021.

NeNe was personally served by the server at her new $1.8 million 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom, 4,045 sq. ft. pad after selling her previous 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom, 9,791 sq. ft. mansion for $3.45 million, and the landlord claimed she had signed a lease that was extended.

Title: NeNe Leakes Faces Legal Battle Over Extended Lease on Luxurious Property

Reality TV star NeNe Leakes finds herself embroiled in a legal dispute over an extended lease agreement for her lavish residence. The server involved in the case asserts that they personally served NeNe at her newly acquired $1.8 million property, a stunning four-bedroom, five-bathroom home spanning an impressive 4,045 square feet. This acquisition came a mere two months after the unfortunate passing of her late husband, Gregg. Prior to this, NeNe had resided in an even more extravagant mansion, boasting five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and an expansive 9,791 square feet, which she successfully sold for a staggering $3.45 million in 2021.

The Controversy:
According to reports, NeNe’s current landlord has filed a lawsuit against her, alleging that the reality TV star entered into a lease agreement in 2017, subsequently extending it for another year in 2021. The lawsuit claims that NeNe had infringed upon the terms of the agreement, prompting legal action from the displeased landlord. The server’s involvement and testament play a vital role in supporting these claims, alleging that they personally presented NeNe with the necessary legal documents regarding the extended lease at her residence.

Details of the Properties:
NeNe’s previous mansion, which she decided to part ways with earlier this year, was a true architectural marvel. Boasting a staggering footprint of 9,791 square feet, the sprawling property offered luxurious amenities such as five capacious bedrooms and seven elegantly designed bathrooms. However, despite its grandeur, NeNe chose to let go of this opulent abode and managed to pocket an impressive sum of $3.45 million from the sale.

In her present residence, an alluring four-bedroom, five-bathroom domicile encompassing 4,045 square feet, NeNe appears to have found solace following the loss of her beloved spouse. However, with legal proceedings now in motion, her tranquility may be disrupted as she grapples with the lawsuit’s allegations regarding the extended lease agreement that the landlord claims she violated.

As this legal saga unfolds, fans and followers of NeNe Leakes eagerly await updates on the outcome, hoping for a swift resolution that brings clarity to the entangled lease dispute. The details of NeNe’s transition from her previous mansion to her existing property further captivate public interest, underscoring the heartache and challenges this reality TV icon faces in her personal life, even beyond the spotlight.

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