Shannon Beador Claims “Blindsided” by Breakup with Boyfriend John Janssen After Filming RHOC Season 17

Beador thought she would grow old with Janssen, and they had no indication that Lewis wanted them to break up. They had not spoken since December, after filming had ended for season 17. However, soon after production ended, Janssen unexpectedly ended the relationship, causing Beador to feel blindsided as he had previously talked about taking things to the next level.

Beador was blindsided by Janssen’s sudden breakup after he had given the impression of wanting to take their romance to the next level, without any indication of wanting to call it quits.

Reality TV star, Shannon Beador, has been left heartbroken after her boyfriend of two years, John Janssen, ended their relationship. Speaking to sources, Beador expressed her shock and sadness, revealing that Janssen never gave any indication that he was planning to call it quits. She had envisioned growing old with him and expressed disappointment that their relationship had come to an abrupt end.

Beador and Janssen last spoke in December, which was the longest they had gone without any contact. In previous interviews, Beador confirmed that filming for season 17 of her reality show had wrapped. She also stated that Janssen had expressed his desire to take their relationship to the next level, giving her the impression that an engagement was on the horizon. Therefore, she was blindsided when Janssen indicated that the relationship was over following the completion of filming.

This news has come as quite a shock to fans of the popular reality show, who have followed Beador’s romantic journey closely. While Beador has not released an official statement about the split, sources close to her confirm that she is finding it hard to move on. The couple had seemed happy together, and Beador’s followers had hoped that the couple would eventually walk down the aisle.

Beador and Janssen started dating in July 2019 and were a popular couple among fans of the show. While the reasons for their split remain unclear, Beador has said that she will always treasure the time they spent together. Her journey to find true love on the show has not been an easy one, and it remains to be seen what the future holds for the popular reality star.

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