Shannon Beador’s DUI & Relationship with John Janssen

Beador and Janssen were thought to be in a relationship, and there were claims that they were arguing on the night of her hit-and-run. Janssen helped Beador after her arrest, but he won’t be there for her sentence. Beador accused the prosecutor of targeting her due to her fame.

Shannon Beador was reportedly in a relationship with her boyfriend when she got a DUI two months ago, and despite being photographed together after her arrest, he won’t be there for the aftermath of her sentence, which includes three years of informal probation, 40 hours of community service, a 9-month alcohol program, and a $960 fine, leading Beador to accuse the D.A. of targeting her because she was famous.

It has been reported that Shannon Beador and her boyfriend John Janssen were in a committed relationship at the time of her DUI incident two months ago. According to sources, the couple was definitely dating and even had a loud argument on the night of Beador’s hit-and-run. Despite the drama, Janssen was by Beador’s side after her arrest and was there to support her during her recovery.

However, Janssen will not be there for Beador as she faces the aftermath of her sentence. The reality star has been placed on three years of informal probation, ordered to complete 40 hours of community service, and enroll in a 9-month alcohol program. In addition, she has been fined $960 for the DUI incident. Beador has publicly accused the D.A. of targeting her because of her fame, adding another layer of controversy to the situation.

It’s clear that Beador’s legal troubles have put a strain on her relationship with Janssen, and it remains to be seen how this will affect their future together. Despite the challenges, Beador will have to navigate the consequences of her actions with the support of those around her.

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