Southern Charm Star Accused of Poor Treatment & No-Show Incidents During Filming

A source has claimed that Kathryn Dennis frequently shows up late or doesn’t show up at all during filming. Kathryn and her ex Thomas Ravenel have a tumultuous relationship and have been in and out of court for years. Kathryn lost primary custody at one point after failing a drug test, and Ravenel has accused her of having substance abuse issues.

A source claims that Kathryn Dennis frequently does not show up or is tardy to filming, while she and her ex Thomas Ravenel have been in court battles and he has accused her of having substance abuse issues.

The contentious relationship between Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel continues to make headlines. A source has claimed that Dennis has displayed unprofessional behavior on set by either being late or not showing up at all during filming. Such actions can significantly impact production schedules and cause stress for producers.

This is not the first time that Dennis’ conduct has caused concern. She and Ravenel have been embroiled in custody battles for years, with Dennis losing primary custody after she failed a drug test. Ravenel has consistently accused his ex of having substance abuse issues, which she denies.

The continued drama between the former couple has not gone unnoticed by the public or the media. Fans of the show have been quick to take sides, while tabloids have eagerly reported on any developments in the ongoing legal battles. Despite this, Dennis and Ravenel have both continued to appear on the show, although it remains to be seen how long this will last given their tumultuous history.

It is clear that the personal lives of the Southern Charm cast members have had a significant impact on the show’s success. However, it is ultimately up to the producers and network executives to decide how much drama they are willing to tolerate in order to keep viewers engaged. As long as the show remains popular, it seems likely that the drama will continue.

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