The Chrisley family returns to television with a new docuseries focusing on Todd & Julie Chrisley’s children as they face time in prison cells

The Chrisley Family, known for their previous television show, is coming back with a new series that will center on Todd and Julie Chrisley’s children. This news comes as Todd and Julie are currently serving time in prison. The show will feature their three children, along with Todd’s mother and their adopted granddaughter, while Todd’s oldest children from his previous marriage were not mentioned.

The Chrisley Family is set to return to television in a new docuseries featuring Todd and Julie Chrisley’s children, along with Todd’s mother and their adopted granddaughter, while excluding his oldest children from previous marriages.

Welcome back to the world of the Chrisley Family! Television screens are about to light up once again as we dive into the lives of the beloved Todd and Julie Chrisley’s children in their highly-anticipated new docuseries. Despite the unique circumstances surrounding their parents, their children Chase, Savannah, and Grayson, alongside their cherished Grandma Faye Chrisley and adopted granddaughter Chloé, are set to take center stage.

In this exciting new chapter, the docuseries will provide an intimate look into the lives of the Chrisley children as they navigate the journey of growing up in a world that is constantly evolving. From remarkable milestones to heartwarming family moments, viewers will get an up-close and personal perspective on the joys and challenges they face.

Notably absent from the announcement were Todd’s oldest children from a previous marriage, Kyle and Lindsie. While their reasons for not being involved in the show were not disclosed, this new venture will undoubtedly reveal the unique dynamics within the family as they continue to navigate their own paths.

As fans eagerly await the premiere, it’s clear that this docuseries will capture the essence of what makes the Chrisley family so captivating. With their wit, charm, and unwavering love for one another, this incredible family will once again captivate audiences with their relatability and authenticity. Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive insights into the lives of the Chrisley kids as the countdown to their television return begins!

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