The List of US Celebrities with a Higher Education

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Studying at American universities is an excellent investment in your future career and your development. Although it is far from always that people then work in their chosen specialty, education provides a voluminous store of knowledge, a broad outlook, and, of course, connections in society. When we look at famous people, we involuntarily think about where they studied and what helped them become successful. We will talk about why and which top universities the stars enroll in.

Will Smith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Few people know, but if fate had turned out differently, we might not have seen the charismatic actor on the screens in “Hancock,” “I Am Legend,” “Focus,” and many other films. The thing is that Will Smith had a high chance of becoming an engineer by enrolling in MIT – the best educational institution in the world in the QS ranking.

He had good scores on the SAT, an academic test required for admission to a university, and besides, he had good acquaintances in the admissions office. However, he chose the path of a hip-hop artist and then a career as an actor. If Smith had gone to MIT, perhaps we would know him as a top executive at Google, Amazon, Oracle, McKinsey Accenture, Boeing, Apple, and Microsoft—that’s where MIT alumni work.

Undergraduate education costs $55,450. Moreover, you need to pass the application process successfully. You need to present general information about yourself, letters of recommendation, and several essays. The first two points shouldn’t be a problem. But if you don’t know what to do with essays, it is better to ask for help on the paper writing service. You will receive samples of essays that will help you present yourself in the best light before the selection committee.

Sigourney Weaver, Stanford University

The actress Sigourney Weaver, who embodied on the screens the cult warrior with alien monsters Ellen Ripley, in reality, chose a very peaceful and popular specialty among Hollywood stars – English literature at Stanford. However, the university is famous for its programs in engineering, law, political science, and international relations.

Apparently, it was here that Reese Witherspoon collected material for her future role as Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde.” Yes, although many people associate Reese with Harvard because of this image, she studied at Stanford, and she did not graduate from the university – she preferred an acting career to it. The undergraduate fee here is $56,196.

Emma Watson, Brown University

The director of the “Harry Potter” saga has repeatedly noted how similar Emma Watson is to her on-screen heroine, an excellent student, and know-it-all Hermione Granger. How could such a smart girl miss higher education? The actress enrolled at Brown University, combined her studies with filming, and even studied as an exchange student at Oxford.

After completing her undergraduate degree, which costs from $58,404 a year, Emma received a diploma in Western literature and arts. The girl noted that during her studies, her classmates treated her very respectfully: they never asked for an autograph on campus, did not interfere with her studies, and when she made a party for more than 100 people, they kept privacy and did not post photos with her on Facebook.

James Franco, UCLA

This actor, known for the films “Spider-Man,” “127 Hours,” and others, is constantly caught by the paparazzi with a book in his hands. The thing is that James loves to read and enrolled in a philology course at the University of California. This is one of the oldest universities in the USA, included in the prestigious ranking of the Universities Research Association, and has a reputation as one of the best institutions in the field of linguistics, sociology, and English literature, which Franco is just keen on.

The University of California is a member of the Public Ivy group; that is, this educational institution is not inferior to the Ivy League in terms of the quality of education and status – the top educational institutions in America. Undergraduate education costs $42,218 per year. Graduates of this university are also the cult director and screenwriter Francis Ford Coppola – the owner of six Oscars and two palm branches in Cannes and the famous Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage.

Jodie Foster, David Duchovny, Meryl Streep Yale University

Hannibal Lecter’s on-screen rival in mind games is actress Jodie Foster, one of the most famous graduates of Yale. The educational institution is the third oldest university in the USA and is part of the Ivy League. Undergraduate education costs $57,700. The university is famous for its educational areas in engineering, architecture, fine arts, social sciences, and humanities. Jodie studied literature here, and she is not alone – David Duchovny graduated from Yale with a degree in English Language and Literature. However, Meryl Streep chose to get a master’s degree in fine arts here.

Natalie Portman, Harvard University

The actress began her film career as a child, gaining popularity after the film “The Professional,” but nevertheless decided to get a full education. At the age of 18, while simultaneously filming an episode of “Star Wars,” Natalie was preparing to enroll in Harvard. Many said that this was a mistake, that she would not have enough time for both a film career and education, but Portman did an excellent job – first, she received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then became the first Harvard graduate to be awarded an Oscar.

In 2015, the university invited her to give a speech to students. The university is included in the Ivy League and in the top three educational institutions in the world, according to QS. The tuition fee for undergraduate studies is $49,653. Also, actor Tommy Lee Jones and actress Elisabeth Shue received an education at Harvard.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse, New York University

The stars of the TV show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” with the suggestion of their grandmother, a drama teacher, began their acting career from an early age. However, in 2010, both brothers announced their desire to take a break and go to school: at New York University, Cole studied archeology and the humanities, and Dylan chose video game development and design.

As you can see, many celebrities do not rely only on their careers but want to develop in other areas. Higher education is the right step in this direction. Being a versatile person is always a plus.

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