The View criticized for failing to address Hugh Grant’s interview with Ashley Graham

Co-hosts of “The View” are being criticized for not addressing Hugh Grant’s awkward interview with Ashley Graham during the actor’s appearance on the talk show. Viewers took to Twitter to call out the hosts for avoiding the topic. During the interview, Grant referenced the novel “Vanity Fair” but Graham thought he was talking about the magazine party, leading to an uncomfortable exchange.

Co-hosts of “The View” are being criticized for not addressing Hugh Grant’s awkward interview with Ashley Graham on the show.

Hugh Grant’s recent appearance on “The View” has left many viewers frustrated with the co-hosts for not addressing the elephant in the room. During his interview on the talk show, Grant avoided discussing his viral interview with Ashley Graham, despite the awkward exchange making headlines. Fans of the show took to social media to call out the co-hosts for not asking Grant about the incident, with one user tweeting “Spineless no one asked about Oscars Red Carpet interview.”

Grant, who appeared on the show to promote his new film, “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves,” was notably not asked about his uncomfortable exchange with Graham. Instead, the co-hosts focused on his recent reunion with Andie MacDowell on the Oscars 2023 stage.

The viral exchange with Graham occurred during ABC’s Oscars red carpet event, where she asked Grant a series of questions that he was clearly not interested in answering. Some viewers accused Grant of being rude and a jerk, while others thought Graham had not done enough research and asked “stupid questions.”

While Graham took the high road and responded to the backlash with kindness, Grant has remained silent on the matter. Fans of the talk show are calling for the co-hosts to address the incident and hold Grant accountable. However, it remains unclear why the topic was avoided altogether on “The View.”

Overall, viewers are disappointed with the co-hosts’ failure to address the viral interview with Hugh Grant. As the incident continues to make headlines, it remains to be seen if the talk show will revisit the topic or if Grant will break his silence on the matter.

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