Thomas’ lawyer provides updates on ongoing negotiations & eviction demands in court. Bentley Bay Retail seeks payment for back rent & outstanding costs. Negotiations stall, pushing for immediate eviction.

Reality star Thomas is facing an eviction lawsuit from Bentley Bay Retail after allegedly failing to pay rent for several months. Thomas initially requested extra time to respond to the eviction demand, but has yet to file a response. Bentley Bay Retail claims that Thomas breached their payment plan agreement by submitting checks with insufficient funds, and is now demanding $422k in back rent, costs, utility charges, and sales tax.

Thomas’ lawyer stated that negotiations over rent and deadlines have been ongoing since the beginning of the lawsuit, and Thomas has asked the court for more time to respond to the eviction demand, while Bentley Bay Retail is demanding $422k in back rent and other charges and wants Bar One to be evicted immediately.

Title: Reality Star Faces Eviction Lawsuit Over Unpaid Rent

In an ongoing legal battle between reality star Thomas and Bentley Bay Retail, the eviction demands continue to be at the forefront of their dispute. Thomas’ lawyer recently stated that negotiations over rent and deadlines have been ongoing since the initiation of the lawsuit several months ago. Seeking additional time to respond to the eviction demand, Thomas’ case remains active in court with a pending response yet to be filed.

According to the details presented in the lawsuit, Thomas leased the property within which the popular venue, Bar One, is located in 2018. Bentley Bay Retail claims to have experienced numerous instances of non-payment of rent from Thomas over the years, prompting the need for legal intervention. The company outlined that in 2020, Thomas signed a payment plan of $270k to rectify past-due bills.

However, the agreement specified that the deal would become void if any checks issued by Thomas were returned for insufficient funds. Allegedly, Thomas breached the terms of the payment plan, submitting multiple payments that were ultimately returned for insufficient funds. Bentley Bay Retail states that payments for various months in 2022 and 2023, including July, August, September, October, and March, did not go through as agreed.

Consequently, Bentley Bay Retail has demanded $422k from Thomas to cover the accrued back rent, outstanding costs, utility charges, and sales tax. The company asserts that it notified Thomas of his default in October 2022, at the same time as they filed the lawsuit, demanding that Bar One vacate the premises. Despite initial negotiations to amicably resolve the matter, discussions between the parties fell apart, leading the landlord to now seek immediate eviction of Bar One.

This ongoing legal tussle between reality star Thomas and Bentley Bay Retail displays the complexities that can arise in contractual agreements. As the court proceedings continue, it remains to be seen how the case will unfold and whether a resolution can be reached outside of eviction. Stay tuned for further updates on this high-profile dispute.

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