Tom Sandoval rocks lightning bolt blazer during b & performance with electrifying reference to Raquel Leviss relationship

Tom Sandoval wore a blazer with two glowing lightning bolts during his performance with his band, The Most Extras, in Long Island. The blazer seemed to reference his relationship with Raquel Leviss, who was seen wearing a gold lightning bolt necklace just after starting her affair with Sandoval. While the couple’s secret relationship was discovered in March, Leviss recently checked into a mental health treatment facility while Sandoval continues to tour with the band.

Tom Sandoval wore a blazer with lightning bolts on the lapels during a performance with his band, possibly referencing his secret affair with Raquel Leviss who wore a matching lightning bolt necklace.

Tom Sandoval, the reality star of “Vanderpump Rules” and member of the band The Most Extras, gave an electrifying performance in Long Island on Thursday night. Despite offering tickets for a low price, Sandoval’s show was high-energy and memorable. The singer performed a collection of cover songs, including a tweaked version of the Fountains of Wayne hit “Stacy’s Mom,” renamed as “Schwartzy’s Mom” to honor his best friend Tom Schwartz. On stage, Sandoval wore an eye-catching black blazer adorned with two illuminating lightning bolts on the lapels, which appears to reference his secret affair with Raquel Leviss, who wore a matching gold lightning bolt necklace in September.

Although the bolt is part of TomTom’s logo, the bar and restaurant co-owned by Sandoval and Schwartz with Lisa Vanderpump, fans noticed that Leviss began matching Sandoval’s silver pendant by wearing a gold charm around her own neck in September, just after their dalliance began. The couple’s affair, discovered by Sandoval’s girlfriend Ariana Maddix in March, was made public, and Leviss issued a public apology. Since then, Maddix has moved on with a new relationship, and Leviss recently checked into a mental health treatment facility as Sandoval continues to tour with the band.

In a recent interview with Howie Mandel, Sandoval said that he and Leviss were taking a break from their sexual relationship. However, his wardrobe choice at the Long Island performance suggests that he still has Leviss on his mind. Perhaps the lightning bolts symbolize the spark that still exists between the two since their secret relationship was exposed to the world. Sandoval’s blazer may be subtle but signifies more; it indicates a connection that has a voltage that can light up performances and ignite forbidden love.

Sandoval’s lightning bolt blazer has caused a stir in many social media circles, and he continues to evoke interest and speculation. Although Maddix moved on from Sandoval, fans wonder if Leviss and he will reignite their affair or if they’ll stick to being just friends. Whatever the outcome, Sandoval and Leviss’s secrets remain electric and illuminating for fans of “Vanderpump Rules” and pop culture. It’s only a matter of time before another electrifying twist in their drama is revealed.

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