Tom Sandoval’s white manicure has become his signature look both on & off camera.

Sandoval’s white manicure has become his signature look while filming the show or performing with his band. He is more devoted to the color than his girlfriend or business partner. The popularity of white polish has even made McNeal feel repulsed by her once-favorite colors.

Sandoval’s white manicure has become his signature look on and off stage, surpassing his loyalty to his girlfriend and business partner.

We all have those signature looks that we cling to, whether it’s a certain hairstyle or a favorite piece of clothing. For reality TV star Tom Sandoval, his signature look is a white manicure. In a story published on Thursday, it was revealed that Sandoval has been sporting the white polish all season, whether he’s filming the show or performing with his cover band.

According to the article, Sandoval’s loyalty to this particular color of nail polish is unmatched by any other loyalty in his life, including his nine-year girlfriend, Ariana Madix, and his best friend and business partner, Tom Schwartz. Writer McNeal jokingly suggests that Sandoval’s devotion to his white manicure may be stronger than his devotion to his loved ones.

Interestingly, the article also notes that the popularity of particular nail polish colors can change over time, and what was once a favorite color to wear can suddenly become unappealing. McNeal admits that OPI Funny Bunny and Essie Marshmallow were once her go-to shades, but since learning about Sandoval’s love for white polish, she now feels a “pang of revulsion” when she sees those colors.

In conclusion, it seems that Sandoval’s dedication to his white manicure is more than just a passing trend. It’s become a part of his signature look, and one that he’s not likely to give up any time soon. Who knows, maybe we’ll all be wearing white nail polish in the near future thanks to Sandoval’s influence.

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