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With the rise of online casinos, a new spin has been put on slot machines. Online slots, or games played online, have become massively popular in the past few years. However, despite having countless players, only some slot games can last forever. Some of the most popular slot titles have been discontinued. Read on to learn about the top 5 best slots games to have been discontinued.

Best Slot Games that Were Cancelled After Release

Slot games can come in a variety of themes. From slots based on comic books to slots that feature beloved characters, there’s no limit on the fun that one can have when playing slots. However, some of the most popular titles have been discontinued.

Captain America Slot

Captain America is a beloved character in the marvel world. Playtech slots featured a slot dedicated to the hero, including all the familiar elements of the hero in the game. In fact, the slot features references to other characters from the movie, such as Red Skull. Other avengers characters are also referenced, such as iron man or the incredible hulk.
The game was perfect for players who wanted to do some casual gambling, and Playtech experienced massive success from the game. Not only did it feature a progressive jackpot system, but gamblers could also profit from a variety of bonuses worked into it. Of course, the success was not to last.

In 2017 Playtech decided to shut down the game, leaving players heartbroken. Not only was this game discontinued, but so too were the incredible hulk, iron man, and other avengers slot games.

South Park Slots

Online casinos love to use popular entertainment to create their online slot. It should be no surprise that Netent slots featured a slot game based on the hit TV show South Park. There were two south park games, with the sequel being known as Reel Chaos.
The slot games included characters from the show and the humour fans love. Naturally, the title soon became an industry favourite for both the humour and the payout.

Ghost Rider Slot

Although less popular than iron man and other well-known Marvel characters, gamblers loved playing that Ghost Rider slot games. The slot was a treasure among lovers of marvel slots, mainly due to the bonus secrets in the game.

The slot featured elements from all over the marvel world, jam-packed and fun to play. As an added bonus, the slot was part of the Marvel progressive jackpots, meaning that those gambling had an additional chance to win a life-changing jackpot. However, like other titles related to marvel studios, the slot would be discontinued in 2017.

Spider-Man Slot

Spider-Man is one of the most beloved characters in the marvel entertainment universe. Unsurprisingly, Playtech featured an online slots game based on the hero. Unlike other marvel slots, which featured elements from a multitude of movies, the spider-man slots focused on his battle with the green goblin. Playtech slots took great care to ensure that the game was both immersive and lucrative, incorporating a complex bonus system and featuring many different jackpots.

The game was popular among both casual gamblers and high-rollers and quickly became a favourite in the gambling community. However, the title would be shut down in 2017, disappointing many players.

Aliens Slot

The Aliens slot game is among the most unique of the discontinued slots. This sci-fi themed game was unique to play and featured abundant references to the movie it’s based on. The game also featured a unique bonus system also based on the movie. This title is perhaps the most immersive of the bunch, undoubtedly pushing industry standards during its existence. Unfortunately, the slots game would be shut down in 2017.

X-Men Slot

Yet another industry titan, the X-Men game was beloved by players everywhere. Featuring movies’ themes and a lucrative bonus system, making it popular among the Big Time Gaming community. Though not as popular as Marvel themed slots, this title made its mark on the gaming community and was well-known as a solid game to play. Featuring smooth animation and good graphics, the game was beloved by many. Despite its popularity, this slot was discontinued in 2017.

Elektra Slot

Elektra was one of the most complex and beloved games on this list. Players could not only play as Elektra, but also bring in the big bucks due to the complex bonus system and multiple jackpots. This title also featured impressive graphics and smooth animation. Though beloved by the online community, online operators were forced to shut Elektra down in 2017.

Why Casino Software Providers Discontinue Slot Games

For any casino game provider wishing to create a game based on a movie’s or comic book’s main character, licensing agreements are a must. In the case of Playtech and the Marvel slots, the downfall came as a result of Disney acquiring Marvel.

To maintain a family-friendly reputation, Disney refused to be associated with a casino. As a result of Disney’s decision, the casino was forced to discontinue the slots. Of course, no online casino is able to fight Disney, no matter how popular the site is. Of course, there is still hope that the themed slot games might return if Disney allows online casinos to operate marvel slots.

In other cases, a casino might discontinue a game if people simply don’t play it enough, or if the site cannot renew a license on characters. While there are isolated incidents such as the Disney acquisition of Marvel, the biggest cause of slots’ discontinuation is a lack of profit or expenses with keeping it up.

Are There Alternatives To Cancelled Slots?

Although players are not able to play their favourite slots when one is discontinued, there are some alternative slots that players can turn towards. Countless casinos have games based on DC Comics, with titles such as the Dark Knight being especially popular for casinos. Many casinos also feature independent slots or slots that combine characters from various films.

For players who loved to find casinos with Marvel-themed slots, the best alternative is DC themed slots. Based on the DC comics, these slots allow you to play as a character from a DC movie. Much like Marvel games, games based on DC characters include themes from the movies, and every no minimum deposit casino takes great care to ensure the games are as immersive as possible. While characters like the Incredible Hulk, Thor, Wolverine, and others may not be featured; fans might feel the familiar nostalgia of playing a hero-themed game. One of the most popular DC titles is the Dark Knight, which includes an impressive set of graphics and jackpots.

For those who want to find an alternative for South Park themed games, the Family Guy slot might be the best choice for you. The humour is similar, and players can also expect to make similar profits.

No matter what your favourite games are, be sure to play responsibly!

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