Top 5 Easy Ways To Get A Workout In While On Vacation

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We know the last thing you’re probably thinking about while you’re on vacation and laying out by the pool is getting a workout in, ESPECIALLY when you had absolutely no intention of even attempting to try. Despite your hesitancy to get a quick workout in while you enjoy some much-needed R&R on your vacay, busting a sweat and exercising while you’re on the move during the summer is way more beneficial than you think.

Aside from keeping your energy levels up, staying consistent and working out even when you’re out of town or on vacation, helps keep you in shape and maintain that summer beach body you worked your ass off all year to get!

So let’s say that you’ve finally convinced yourself that you don’t want to waste away while being away, and you want to get a workout in after all. The only problem is that not only are you limited regarding what you can do, but your vacation and itinerary is so jammed packed, you don’t know when or how you’ll be able to workout!

Turns out, there are actually some really quick and super easy ways you can get a workout or two in and still have plenty of time to sip Mai Tai’s by the pool all afternoon.

Take a look at these five easy ways to workout while you’re busy vacationing on vacation!

1. Go For A 30 Min Morning Jog

Taking 30 minutes in the morning to go for a quick jog along the beach isn’t as bad as it sounds when you think about it. Not only are taking in some much needed fresh air first thing in the morning, but you’re waking up your body, exercising those muscles and all the while doing so on the beach! If you’re looking to get a quick workout in before you start your jammed pack day away, set your alarm a few minutes earlier the night before, grab your workout shorts and hit the beach!

2. Hit The Hotel Gym

The last place we are sure you want to be while you’re on vacation is the hotel’s gym, but believe it or not, hotel gyms are a great place to workout for a few reasons. Not only is their equipment up to par, but because most people don’t think (or want) to use their hotel’s gym, that means that you can workout in peace and have your pick of the equipment. Another reason to use the hotel gym is that with all the fees and added charges, you’re pretty much paying to use the gym whether you like it or not, so you might as well take advantage of it!

3. Find Your Center

If you’re not looking to get too active while you’re away, signing up for a quick yoga session while poolside is a great way to relax and stretch those muscles.

4. Go For A Swim

Often when we think of exercising on vacation we automatically picture a gym, gym clothes, and doing something boring or not as exciting. If you’re looking to work out while on vacation and happen to be staying at NVE Apartments North Hollywood CA, you can make use of the on-site gym facilities and swimming pool to keep up with your fitness routine. But if you are staying in a rental with no such facilities, find the nearest pool or beach and hit the water. Not only will you stay cool, but you’re sure to work those muscles while practicing your backstroke.

5. Shake A Tailfeather Or Two

Another nonconventional but fun and easy way to burn calories and stay fit while away and busy is to dance! You’d be surprised how many calories you burn on the dance floor!

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