Top 8 Browser Online Games

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Today, there is simply a huge number of online games of a wide variety of genres that win the hearts of many gamers with their stories, fascination, and awesome graphics, as well as the ability to play without installing a client. Here we tried to collect the top 8 best options according to the opinions of the users.

SAO’s Legend

This colorful browser anime MMORPG is based on the anime series Sword Art Online. The game uses the main mechanics of well-known options, but the main feature of SAO’s Legend is a lively, excellent traced world, varied gameplay, and superb balance combined with an epic storyline.

Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming

The official online strategy is based on the TV series Game of Thrones. Events, battles, and a variety of game features will completely immerse the gamer in his favorite universe. Upgrade your castle and develop a powerful army, subjugate other castles of Westeros, make alliances, and win over well-known heroes to your side, think over every step of your tactics!

League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury

A continuation of the famous browser-based angelic MMORPG series is League of Angels. Stunning 3D graphics, epic battles, interesting and varied quests, a lot of cool equipment and weapons, and the variety and elaboration of locations will amaze even the most demanding fans of the genre.


Browser MMORPG with strategy elements on a football theme. The game takes place in the outback of Russia, where various parties fought for power in the city. The developers very clearly betrayed the atmosphere of the 90s. Good drawing, interesting combat mechanics, PvP battles, a huge number of unique characters, crafting.

Eternal Fury

A browser MMORPG based on northern myths and legends, where everything is convenient and well-arranged. A large open fantasy world, complete freedom of choice and action, an abundance of different modes for PVP and guilds, plus various interesting features such as advanced pet mechanics and a flexible system of classes and skills will definitely please those who expect a real challenge from such games!

The World of Chaos

This game is characterized by excellent graphics and frantic combat dynamics. Fascinating gameplay, detailed system of improvements, variety of modes, and, of course, dungeons filled with hordes of monsters.

Global City

This is a city simulator with high-quality graphic design. Take control of a small town and turn it into a metropolis. Show your imagination, extract resources, organize production, earn money, build a railway, and show how good a manager you are!

Travian Kingdoms

This strategy contains many development paths, and a large number of different warriors and buildings, which was able to win the hearts of players. Here the gamer goes through the path of development from a small village to a whole kingdom. He needs to fight and win, trade and develop, negotiate and forge alliances to perpetuate his name in the history of Travian.

Regardless of this rating, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with several games according to your own preferences and then you will be definitely able to choose the best option.

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