Top casino celebrities in the world

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Casinos are super attractive with all the glitz and glamor all around them. Winning big, changing lives, mesmerizing and beautiful views, settings, and lights all contribute to this attraction with casinos. Hollywood has intrigued all our interest in casinos, and trying our luck at gambling and celebrities are not left untouched.

Many celebrities are known to be highly fond of casinos. Unsurprisingly, there are celebrities at both ends of the spectrum when it comes to being good or bad at gambling. While some have taken casinos for millions of dollars and gotten themselves banned, others have found themselves in debt.

Top Celebrities who gamble in Casinos

While at some point, every celebrity has visited a casino and gambled, few have made the headlines for doing it. Especially those that have been papped going in or coming out of a casino, or who have been found addicted or in debt or bagging big loots.

Click here to find a complete list of some top celebrities most vividly known for gambling in Casinos:

Brad Pitt: The Ocean’s Eleven Star found a new passion in gambling while practicing and shooting for this film. Poker, Blackjack, and slots are his favorite games. Prior to this movie, he has not gambled ever, but now the star seems to be incredibly taken with it and hopes to continue as long as possible.

Ben Affleck: Known for his unbeatable poker skills and love for slots, Ben Affleck is a gambling addict. His skills have even gotten him banned from several casinos. Having incredible poker skills, Affleck has also won the California State Poker Championship. Now, he enjoys a lot of online casino games as well.

Matt Damon: A professional blackjack and poker player, Matt Damon’s gambling journey started with his epic role in the famous casino movie Rounders. Studying poker under a professional, Damon developed a keen interest in the game and is now a regular player.

50 Cent: A passionate gambler, 50 Cent is an incredibly lucky player. Having placed and won bets of about $2 million against the 49ers and some other celebrities, he is a player to look out for. He is as good a gambler as he is a professional at it.

Michael Jordan: Super competitive on the court and off it, too; Michael Jordan gambles to be the best at it. Having conquered the NBA court, he took his competitive spirit to the casino, winning card games too. The player has been known to place large bets just to practice.

Paris Hilton: Paris Hilton has been spotted in Vegas Casinos countless times, only indicating her keen interest in gambling. Since technology has brought casino games to our phones, she is known to indulge in online casino gambling games too. Casino fast payout games are her top picks amongst all.

George Clooney: In the world of casinos, George Clooney is a name well known. The lead actor in the Ocean’s movie series, George Clooney, has been an active casino games player for his whole life. His love for casinos, in fact, inspired him to build his own casino.

Jessica Simpson: Buying a suite in the Palms, the most luxurious casino there is, Jessica Simpson is not a celebrity to shy away from flaunting her gambling skills. To be able to play at any time she pleased, she bought an entire suite, which clearly displays her fondness for casinos.

Charles Barkley: Another NBA star greatly interested in casino games, Charles Barklay has not had the best luck with gambling. While he loves the rush these games provide, his losses of millions of dollars have led him to cut back on his betting addiction from millions at a time to simply having a good time.

Floyd Mayweather: A well-known boxing star, Floyd Mayweather is another athlete who indulges in and enjoys the occasional casino visit as a form of recreation. Having bet and won hundreds and millions, Floyd Mayweather has had quite good luck in casinos.

There are various celebrities who enjoy gambling, either to boost their competitive spirit or just for the adrenaline rush that casino games provide. While some have been playing for a long time, others have found their passion either through recreational gaming or while filming casino movies.

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