Top Celebrities Who Love to Gamble

Photo by Kaysha

Celebrities love to gamble. From Elvis to Paris Hilton, everyone loves a game or two of slots or blackjack. 

Some are regulars in Vegas and casinos around the world. 

Here are the top celebrities who love to spend on gambling. 

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is often seen in popular casinos in his free time. He has had many big wins and losses throughout his career. 

Most importantly, Ben is a pro gambler. Las Vegas’s Hard Rock Casino banned him for counting cards in blackjack. 

It is a strategy that helps gamblers beat the house edge. No wonder casinos ban people who are caught in the act. 

Ben is also a lover of sports betting. He even lost $800,000 on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 2015. 

However, Ben knows his limits and when to quit. 

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is one of the top actors of our time. Gambling became his interest when he was shooting for the Ocean franchise. 

The movies had him visit several casinos and observe games like blackjack and poker. He also practiced the games to appear natural on the screen. 

Brad frequently gambles at different casinos. He plays for fun and doesn’t chase after his losses. 

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is often remembered for his extravagances apart from his golfing career. He was a big roller and had spent thousands of dollars on gambling. 

His biggest bet is said to be a whopping $250,000 in Las Vegas. He was a regular at the casinos and loved to indulge in luxury.

Moreover, he sees gambling as a natural part of golf. He promotes gambling at golf events to make it exciting as horse racing or baseball betting. 

Pamela Anderson

We will always remember the hot and sexy Pamela Anderson from Baywatch. She is an occasional gambler and loves to wager on poker. 

However, she is not a professional and plays only for entertainment. Yet, that didn’t stop her from losing $250,000 in a single night. 

Some rumors claim Pamela married Rick Salomon after losing a game of poker against him. She even said she paid a poker debt by returning sexual favors. 

Strangely, she fell in love with the guy!

James Woods

James is a versatile man. He went to MIT to study eye surgery but ended up being an actor. His interests span a wide range of things, including poker. 

He is a seasoned poker player and strikes up a conversation during a game with his opponents. It is a great strategy to distract others while James makes calculated moves. 

Needless to say, he often emerges as the winner, especially against those who aren’t aware of his little trick. 

Final Thoughts

Celebrities and gambling have a strong connection. However, they gamble for the same reasons we do – for fun and entertainment. They are also among some of the top high rollers in Vegas and casinos worldwide. You can read about more celebrities who love to gamble and are regulars at popular casinos. 

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