Tori Spelling reportedly cuts off communication with friends after split from husb & Dean McDermott

Tori Spelling has reportedly gone silent on her friends since her split from Dean McDermott, causing concern among her loved ones. Spelling is believed to be staying at a motel with her five children, while McDermott takes issue with their living arrangements. The news of their split came as a surprise to friends, as they had been working on their marriage in recent months.

Tori Spelling has allegedly cut off communication with her friends after her separation from husband Dean McDermott, with friends expressing concern about her well-being and her stay at a cheap motel with her children amidst the divorce proceedings.

Title: Tori Spelling’s Social Disconnection Raises Concerns Amid Split from Dean McDermott

Reports have surfaced indicating that actress Tori Spelling has become unreachable and distant from her friends following her separation from husband Dean McDermott. An insider revealed that her close friends have grown increasingly worried about her sudden absence and lack of communication. The “Beverly Hills, 90210” star is allegedly residing in a budget motel in the Los Angeles area with her five children. However, McDermott has expressed concerns about their children staying in motels, believing it is not the best environment for them at this time.

Recent Turmoil and Mold Infestation:
Earlier this year, Spelling and her family were forced to vacate a rental home due to an extreme mold infestation. She claimed that the harmful mold caused her children to experience respiratory infections, allergy-like symptoms, and skin rashes. In May, she even sought legal advice, describing the situation as a threat to her family’s health. These ongoing challenges have likely intensified the emotional strain on Spelling.

Divorce Announcement:
In June, after 17 years of marriage, Dean McDermott took to Instagram to announce their divorce. Although the post has since been deleted, McDermott expressed the sadness and heaviness of their decision. However, he also emphasized their commitment to co-parenting and supporting their children during this difficult time. The news seemed unexpected to many, as just a few months prior, the couple was believed to be working on their marital issues.

Speculation and Varying Perspectives:
Rumors of marital problems between Spelling and McDermott circulated for years, with visible signs like Spelling being photographed without her wedding ring. However, during a podcast appearance, McDermott dismissed the importance of such observations, questioning why people seek to know intimate details that have no impact on their lives. People close to the couple were equally surprised by the split, as they witnessed positive developments and efforts to reconcile.

Tori Spelling’s withdrawal from her friends’ circle following her separation from Dean McDermott has raised concerns about her well-being. The obstacles faced by the family, including the mold infestation and subsequent displacement, may have added further strain to an already complex situation. While rumors and speculation have surrounded their relationship for a while, the abrupt divorce announcement startled those who believed the couple was working towards resolving their issues. As the circumstances unfold, fans and well-wishers eagerly await updates on Spelling’s journey and hope for a peaceful resolution for the family.

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