Vanderpump Rules Star Addresses Affair & asks Fans to Direct Anger Towards Him, Not Others

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval addressed his affair with Raquel Leviss and tried to redirect fan outrage in a statement posted on Instagram. Sandoval acknowledged and understood the anger and disappointment directed towards him, but asked fans to leave Schwartz and his family out of the situation. He also noted that the restaurant has three partners who rely on income from the eatery and asked fans to direct their anger towards him and not them.

Tom Sandoval apologized for his affair with Raquel Leviss and asked fans to leave his friend Schwartz and the restaurant’s other partners out of the situation.

Vanderpump Rules star, Tom Sandoval, recently faced backlash from fans after news emerged of his affair with Raquel Leviss. In response, Sandoval attempted to address the situation by releasing a statement on his Instagram on March 4th. In the statement, Sandoval acknowledged the anger and disappointment of his fans towards him but requested that they leave his co-star, Tom Schwartz and his family out of this situation.

Sandoval clarified that Schwartz had only recently found out about the affair and did not condone his actions. He further explained that his transgression was a personal matter that he was solely responsible for. The reality TV star also made a plea to his fans to direct their anger towards him and not the restaurant as it had three partners, not including himself, who have families that heavily rely on income from the L.A. eatery.

This recent development has surely left Vanderpump Rules fans in shock and dismay as Sandoval’s relationship with Ariana Madix, his girlfriend of seven years, unravels. The scandal has also raised questions about the ethics of reality TV and the price of fame. Despite the controversy, it is clear that Sandoval is taking responsibility for his actions and facing the consequences head-on. It remains to be seen how this situation will affect his reputation and future on the show.

In conclusion, Sandoval’s statement has shed some light on the situation at hand and provided some clarity on the involvement of those around him. It is important to remember that celebrities are also human and make mistakes. It is up to them to make amends and take responsibility for their actions, as Sandoval has done. As fans, we must hold our favorite stars accountable, but also remember to be compassionate and understanding.

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