Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent’s ex-fiancé settles with ex-wife Ambyr Childers in court, covering her legal fees

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent’s ex-fiancé, Randall Emmett, has paid a five-figure amount to cover his ex-wife Ambyr Childers’ legal fees as part of a settlement they reached in court. The settlement was finalized last week, months after Childers was granted a temporary restraining order against Emmett. The ex-couple, who share two daughters, had a private agreement where Childers agreed to drop the restraining order and Emmett agreed to pay $75k to cover her attorney fees.

Lala Kent’s ex-fiancé Randall Emmett settled with his ex-wife Ambyr Childers in court, agreeing to pay a five-figure sum to cover her legal fees and dismissing the temporary restraining order she had filed against him.

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent’s former fiancé, Randall Emmett, has reportedly settled an ongoing legal dispute with his ex-wife Ambyr Childers. The court documents reveal that the settlement includes Randall providing a substantial five-figure sum to cover Ambyr’s legal fees. The agreement was initially reached in January, but it took several months for the judge to approve it.

Randall and Ambyr were married from 2009 to 2017 and share two daughters, London and Rylee. The controversy surrounding their relationship began when Randall began dating Lala while still legally married, albeit separated from Ambyr. Last year, Ambyr sought a temporary restraining order against Randall. In her court filings, she made shocking accusations, including claims of his involvement in child exploitation and pedophilia. Randall vehemently denied these allegations, stating that there was no evidence to support such serious claims.

However, in January, Ambyr dismissed the restraining order, signifying that they had reached a private settlement. As part of this agreement, Ambyr dropped the restraining order, and they both committed to notifying each other if they believed the other had breached the terms before resorting to further legal action. Additionally, Randall agreed to pay Ambyr $75,000 to cover her attorney fees. The payment was scheduled in two installments: $37,500 on June 30th and another $37,500 on July 31st.

This settlement brings an end to a tumultuous chapter in Randall and Ambyr’s relationship, allowing them both to move forward. It remains to be seen how this development may impact Randall’s current relationship with Lala or their involvement in Vanderpump Rules. Nonetheless, it is clear that the couple has prioritized resolving their legal disputes and co-parenting their children in an amicable manner.

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