Which well-known celebrities have surprising and unexpected hobbies?

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Celebrities are a topic that people love to talk about, love to read about and find endlessly fascinating. Much of this is due to wanting to know how their lives differ from our own and what they get up to when not working. Celebs also offers us an escape from our own lives and a source of entertainment to make the world a happier place. Of course, celebs are just people like us in many ways and this means they need something fun to do when relaxing.

Just as you or I have hobbies which enable us to do this, top celebs also have hobbies to fill their spare time with. The cool thing is though that some major names have unusual hobbies which you might not have associated with them. But which familiar celeb names are we talking about and which surprising hobbies do they have?

Ashton Kutcher – sports betting

There is no doubt that Ashton Kutcher is a big-name celebrity who has forged a successful career over time as an actor, model and entrepreneur. But did you know he is one of many celebrities that enjoys sports betting as a hobby?

When not investing in start-ups or acting, Kutcher loves to bet on sports. At one time he was even the face of a major betting syndicate in the US. Interestingly, he is known for using both math and strategy to place bets which have a good chance of being successful. Many sports bettors also take this approach because it helps give them an edge when wagering on games, rather than basing decisions on pure emotion. Sites including https://www.sidelines.io/ are a great place to turn for help when betting in this way because they provide the latest data to base betting decisions on.

Johnny Depp – Barbie dolls

Although Ashton Kutcher is a major celeb with an unusual hobby, Johnny Depp probably outdoes him in both areas. Depp is one of the best-known actors of his generation and has a string of huge hits to his name, including playing Captain Jack Sparrow in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise. His surprising hobby is playing with Barbie dolls – which makes Kutcher betting on sports seem positively normal!

Depp is known for not only being an avid collector of these dolls, but also being more than happy to spend time with them. He claims this started when his children played with them and he began to enjoy it too. In addition to Barbie, it is also thought he has High School Musical dolls and a Beyoncé doll!

Angelina Jolie – Knives

While collecting Barbies is light-hearted and fun, Hollywood celeb Angelina Jolie is on record as having a darker, more unusual hobby. This will not surprise her legion of fans who know of the dark roles she has sometimes taken on in her career. Jolie’s extensive knife collection though might raise a few eyebrows with even her most ardent followers.

Jolie is known for having a hobby of collecting daggers and it is thought it came from her mother. It appears Jolie’s mom was also a fan of knives and this rubbed off on a young Angelina. Interestingly, it seems this hobby will be passed on again because Jolie’s son Maddox is into this hobby too.

Paris Hilton – Frog hunting

When it comes to big celeb names who continue to make headlines, wealthy socialite Paris Hilton is worth mentioning. She is also a major celebrity who has an unusual hobby too. But what might it be?

To the surprise of everyone, it seems she likes to hunt frogs humanely. This basically means she heads out in the countryside close to her many homes and tracks down frogs on warmer nights. Once found, she collects them in a bucket to say hello and then lets them go again. As a way of connecting with nature, it is certainly unique.

Celebrities always interest us

Whether it is Kate Middleton’s $400,000 engagement ring or the latest sporting gossip, people love to hear more about the lives of celebrities. This is certainly true when it comes to the surprising hobbies celebs have which you might not have expected them to enjoy. As the above shows, there are some major names who enjoy kicking back in their spare time in ways you would never have imagined. All this shows that they are in fact not too dissimilar from the public who adore them. The only thing that might change is what they like to do and when they like to do it.

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